EC 78 - Conquest: WOW Fight Card

The return of Carlos Moreno!!

and then In my opinion the fight of the night will be:
Leondro Escobar (Best Way JJ)
Kevin Roddy (Rhino Fight Team)

Quick Question, I was under the impression that Tatu was with ATT Boston?

don't forget Tim Boetsch at 205 going for the his 3rd East Coast title!!


That is gonna be a sick day of mma. Day time amateur mma show and night time pro mma show. Ed Hsu is really doing his thing. I just wish he would stop asking me for dance lessons

ttt for fight of the night


Tim Beotsch is a very impressive fighter. He comes out bangin. should be a great event.

Tim Boetsch is my best friend and was my roomie all through college. Kid is a killer, sky's the limit



TTT for Tim. Good to see more peeps from PA doin' it up.

Also, look for Jon Murphy and Jim Bova to rock the house.