ECC(Ho Ho Ho KO) 12/18 Muncie, IN!

The Extreme Combat Challenge will be held Sat. Night Dec. 18th at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Muncie IN.

Jeremy Carver Vs. Chris Moore

Jimmy Boyd Vs. Randy Williams

Kenny Miller Vs. Troy King

Donnie Walker Vs. Adam Bass

Tom Logsdon Vs. Billy "The" Kidd

Doug Sauer Vs. Wade Hamilton

Gene Velie Vs. Mike Camp

Shane Davis Vs. Josh Martin

Joe Voisin Vs. Jason Dent 145lbs. TITLE FIGHT

Ray Totorico Vs. Antoine Skinner 155lbs TITLE FIGHT

Shaun McCully Vs. Jason Gilliam

Davy Gibson Vs. Jason Reinhardt

Also, there will be several amatuer tourneys that night in various weight classes. This should be a action packed show. For info. please call 765-520-5555.


Mike Camp.....

I might have to make this one

Mike come on down it will be a fun night and then the Horn seminar the day after will be awesome.


Mike let me know if you want to set up a booth.

Mike give me a call ASAP if you can.


Kick some ass JR. Call me and let me know how you won.


Tom Logsdon is out due to a broken toe. He will be replaced by Jeremy Green and will fight Billy "THE" Kidd.

Kenny Miller is out, (work related)
Troy King will TBA.



TTT for my boys from Team Griffon-Rawl, Jason Dent, Donnie Walker and Mike Russo, see you guys tuesday when you get back

anybody know any results yet?

TTT Team Griffon-Rawl

ttt 4 Team Griffon-Rawl

ttt, kevin whats up man, you heard any results yet?

On the GR web-page they are reporting that Jason won in R2 via triangle, and that Mike won three fights and the 8-man tourny via a couple rear chokes and a arm-bar. And that Donny fought well, but that he came up a little short.

ttt for the Griffon!

TTT- for Team Griffon-Rawl, great job Jason, Donny and Mike, you all fought very hard, not matter if you win or lose I watched you all bust your ass in the gym for this fight. See you guys tuesday

So how did Mike Camp and Doug Sauer do?