ECC RESULTS 12/18/04!!!

Here are the results from the Extreme Combat Challenge (HO HO HO KO) held Sat. night Dec. 18th in Muncie IN.

170lbs. (Am.) Tourn.

Mike Russo defeats Greg Lajoye by armbar 1:42 Rd. 1

Patrick Riley(Reinhardt MA) defeats John Moore DEC.3rds.

Tyler Combs defeats Joe Perry TKO Rd.1

Mike Russo Defeats Patrick Riley by TKO strikes RD. 2

Jed Bowser Defeats Tyler Combs by armbar :40sec Rd. 1

Mike Russo defeats Jed Bowser by RNC 1:47 Rd. 2
Mike Russo 170lbs Amateur Tournament Champion

185-205lbs. Tournament
Josh Martin (Team Wolfpack) defeats Craig Isaccs by KO :17sec Rd. 1

Doug Sparks defeats Allen Michel by TKO :40sec Rd. 1

Josh Martin defeats Enob "Deaf Shawn" Paige TKO strikes 1:02 Rd.1

Josh Martin defeats Doug Sparks by TKO strikes :49sec of Rd. 1.

Josh Martin (Team WolfPack) 185-205lbs. Tourney CHAMP.

Heavyweight Tourney
Eric Brewer defeats Calvin Bell by KO Rd.1

Mike Williams defeats Mike Camp by TKO strikes 1:53 RD.1

Mike Williams defeats Eric Brewer by strikes TKO rd.1
Mike Williams Heavyweight Tourney. Champ

Amateur Bouts:
Jeremy Coomer defeats Arthur Keller by TKO strikes 1:33 Rd. 1 (185lbs.)

Jeffrey Gonzalez defeats Josh Owens TKO strikes Rd. 1

Troy King defeats Cedrick James TKO strikes Rd. 2 (185lbs.)

Shelly Wiles defeats Francie Dickey Un.DEC 3rds.

Dan Lohman(Reinhardt MA) defeats Josh Owens by armabar Rd. 1 (submission grappling)

Jimmy Boyd defeats Randy Williams by DEC. 3rds.

Adam "Baby Boy" Bass (Team WolfPack) defeats Donnie Walker(Griffon Rawl) by TKO strikes :43sec RD. 1 (155)

PRO Bouts:
Christopher Moore (WolfPack) defeats Jeremy Carver by KO @1:59 Rd.1

Jason Gilliam (Team Wolfpack) defeats Shawn McCully by front choke @2:12 Rd.1 (170lbs.)

"Nasty" Wade Hamilton(Team WolfPack) defeats Doug Sauer(IF) by TKO @2:40 Rd.1 (Heavyweight)

Jason Dent (Griffon Rawl Muay Thai) defeats Joe Voisin (Team MASH) by Triangle @1:17 RD.2
DENT is the New 145lbs ECC. CHAMPION--Congrats!!!

Antoine "Lil. Rampage" Skinner (WolfPack) defeats Steven Davis by TKO strikes @2:12 RD. 1
Skinner is the New 155lbs. ECC. Champion



Shawn Paige made his return to the ring?

I thought that he was done.

Also I am curious as to how the Mike Camp fight went, I hope that he is ok

hope camp is ok too. hope the show went well for ya guys.

chas, patrick riley was defeated by rear naked choke. not that it matters much.

i thought it was by choke.

I will watch the DVD it may have been. If so I will correct it.

Jason call me.

Shawn McCully is the new "opponent"