ECC Results???

can someone post results?

nothing yet?

Any word on Rowan's or Matt Hamilton's fight?

Anything yet?


Here's the quick facts. Check out Sherdog tomorrow for full coverage, plus videos and pics.

Win - Lose

Hollett - Francois

MacKay - Krysa

MacDonald - Cunningham

Letourneau - Hantelman

Axworthy - Marchand

Dutkoski - Hamilton

MacDonald - Waugh

Vujnovic - Belyea

Skinner - Fiander

McGrath - Skudder

Skidmore - Kelly

thanks man...

congrats cory macdonald, team gladiator..


Can't wait to hear the details on the Krysta/Mackay fight as Krysta is a very tough and skilled fighter.
Also was the weight at 170lbs as I know Krysta usually fights at 155lbs.

Also Cory Mac must be tough as nails as Rowan is very sharp in the ring.

Congrats to all who competed wether they won or loss.

ECC seems to be doing very well in putting on good shows.

Krysa/MacKay was at 155.

Krysa got robbed!!!! These two need to rematch asap.

posted at sherdog by someone in attendance..

RE: c-mac

MacDonald beat Rowan by 2nd rd TKO, Rowan was cut bad in the first but had MacDonald in all kinds of holds, Rowan was looking alittle BJ Penn esque, hell he evven went for and almost had a gogplata but MacDonald just layed the leather on him late in the second for the win.

sounds like he was expected to lose....good job

Awesome job Cory! Another win for Team Gladiator!

I seriously feel Cory isn't given his due. He holds belts in multiple
organizations and nobody seems to know who he is. Hopefully this win
over Rowan will open some eyes and make people realize how good this
guy is.

Any details on Matt Hamilton's fight?

"Krysa got robbed!!!! These two need to rematch asap."

-correct; that was a prime example of a home town decsion.

i was like WTF? they can't be serious!

Just read the Sherdog report about the MacKay Krysa fight. I've never
heard of an MMa fight going to the cards for a foul that ends the fight. If
a fighter commits a foul that ends a fight then usually the fight is ruled a
NO CONTEST or the fouled fighter is awarded the win and the fighter that
committed the foul is DQ'd. I don't know how you can come up with a
score of 19-18 for MacKay. Sherdog says Krysa took him down at will in
the first and even had mount twice. In the second he was fouled and
MacKay had a point deducted. Sherdog's report would leave me thinking
that Krysa won round 1. The best MacKay could have hoped for in round
2 would have been a 9-9. By my math that would have left Krysa with a
decision of 19-18. Not the other way around.

Krysa got screwed. Rematch should happen ASAP. Just my 2 cents.


The ECC lightweight belt contenders -- Jason MacKay (Pictures) and Shaun Krysa (Pictures) -- put on a heck of a fight, which ended with a lot of controversy.

Krysa took MacKay down quite a few times in round one, but MacKay seemed very comfortable from down there, and displayed exceptional skills looking up at his standing opponent. Krysa tried to come in several times, but MacKay stopped him with accurate up-kicks and foot stomps. Krysa seemed a little frustrated and motioned for MacKay to stand.

Krysa was able to take MacKay down pretty much at will, and was even able to get the mount twice, but both times MacKay rolled back and escaped via TK scissors.

Round two looked to replicate the first. More of the same except at one point MacKay was able to take Krysa's back, although Krysa was able to twist to an escape.

Next came the controversy. Krysa was on his knees in MacKay's full guard, when MacKay let loose a wicked up-kick that caught Krysa flush on the chin, knocking him back to the mat.

The move was illegal since Krysa was on his knees. The referee deducted one point, and then the cage-side doctor came in to examine Krysa. After a minute the fight was called off.

In an unusual and puzzling move, the announcer claimed that since the hit was an "accidental foul" the fight would be decided by judges' scorecard, even though it was only halfway through the second round.

All three judges ruled the fight 19-18 in favor of the new lightweight champion, Jason MacKay

Krysa absolutely got robbed. He was taking MacKay down consistently and passing his guard. Something seemed kind of stinky with that decision.

MacKay in his  sherdog video interview even said he thought Shaun was up on the score cards. Saying he could not understand why Shaun did not want to continue, and suggests it’s because he was gassed. Did the Doctor stop it? Or did Shaun not feel up to finishing the fight? /o:p

 /o:pThe “UP kicks” to the head in the guard is not a new rule. MacKay said himself that he had bad timing on his kick, he was going to kick as soon as Shaun was not grounded. In that statement alone he admitted the head was his target but he just threw the kick to soon  which it the accident part I guess?/o:p

 /o:pI would like to see the video of the fight myself.

Although I am a bit biased I agree with Rob. Cory Macdonald is likely the most underrated fighter in the entire country. He has easily beaten all of his opponents, with Rowan giving him his only real difficulty. His only loss in six fights was to Eric Beaulieu and was largely due to a rib injury and since then Eric has refused to give him a rematch.(not for lack of trying for years though!)

Hopefully the MMA scene will start to recognize one of the top 170 pounders in the country. Congrats again, we at Team Gladiator are all proud of you bud.
Scott Arnold