ECC results??


I don't know who they were fighting but BTT-Canada fighters Nabil Khatib
and Nelson Requilme both won their fights, Nabil by rear naked choke in
the 2nd round and Nelson by TKO (or KO) in the 2nd as well.

Congratulations to both fighters.

BTT Canada

Shawn Marchand won by RNC in rnd 1 over Dan Chambers Congrats to Shawn 2-0 in the ECC and The Suffer System Fight Team.

TJ Grant won over Dan Grandmaison in about 1:30 of the first. TJ caught a hard kick to get a huge takedown and dominated the ground eventually getting Dan's arm. Dan probably fought the armbar for a good 20 seconds or so before tapping. Congrats TJ.

Congrats TJ!! Good job man!

nice job TJ congrats buddy

TTT for the BTT team,

Any other results?

Jason MacDonald def. Fritz Paul (submission)

Roger Hollet def. Jason Cecil (submission)

Travis Axworthy def. Rob Colbourne (TKO)

Jason MacKay def. Curtis Flander (KO)

Victor Valimaki def. Shane Lightle (TKO)

Nabil Kathib def. Neil Berry (submission)

TJ Grant def. Dan Grandmaison (submission)

Jerid Kilkenny def. Robert Haynes (submission)

Nelson Requeime def. Jay Jenkins (TKO)

Shawn Marchand def. Dan Chambers (submission)

Congrats to TJ- keep up the good work! SAM

Congrats TJ.

TJ is a stud. Good win, bro... chalk another one up for the team.

tj looked great in the ring... i think daniel can hold his liquor better

It was another very professional event put on by Combat Productions.

Read my review here. Video interviews will be up in a day or 2.