Ecco Religion

It's the end of the world as we know it...I feel fine!!

Here's a funny link to ecco experts expressing the end via ice age (and of course the need for global govt. to provide some sort of solution) which is funny because the rage now is the earth warming.

also, an article on ecco religion...

well there will eventually be another ice age.

btw are you slagging on all the ecco beliefs or just the questionable ones cause I for one believe that protecting the air and water are noble and necessary causes.

ps what does this have to do with religion?

pss thats my fav rem song

Just slagging on the extremist. We are called to be good stewards of the creation. However, I don't believe in worshipping the earth which is where the religion comes in. Some people worship the earth, or they worship collectivism as a religion.

This is a garden of G-d, we were put here to tend to it, and we are not doing that.

"Just slagging on the extremist."

lol, that was actually very funny.


I trust "facts" from Rush Limbaugh about as much as "facts" from the Iraqi Information Minister.

That's pretty sad.

I think that is an admirable trait Blud. I just disagree that global collectivism is the best method to "clean up" the environment. You know, let's all meet in in Rio for a conference, in our Limo's, with the air on, eating great food, using tons of paper while there are poor people everywhere and preach at the U.S. about their "waste" while ignoring all the communist countries.

Rush's schtick includes over 20 million listeners of "all stripes" and political affiliations and there has yet to be a peta or greenpeace radio personality that's entertained me enough to listen.

I do think that natural phenomenom is much more destructive to the environment then humans (ie: volcano's) and yet nature has a way of cleaning itself up. Hope you won't be mad if I turn on the air this summer and go out and grill some steak on my bbq.

Thanks for your thoughts though.

Tambora erupts in the East Indies, emitting millions of tons of sun-blocking aerosols. The world plunges into a multiyear cool spell that includes New England's legendary "year without a summer" in 1816.

The Philippines' Mt. Pinatubo erupts, cooling global climate for several years. Its sulfates mix with human-produced chemicals to help deplete stratospheric ozone. The volcano's climatic effects eclipse those of a human disaster: smoke from massive oil fires set during the Persian Gulf war.

My point is that volcano's are far more disruptive in terms of greenhouse effects then anything humans do. My other point is that nature is very self cleansing (ie: the tides!). The oils that burnt in the first Persian Gulf war were suppposed to cause irreparable damage. However, that area is now teeming with life. Where volcano's and NATURAL forest fires have occured, they teem with life.

Anyway, I refuse to view man as the enemy of nature nor do I view a communist/collectivist response as the solution.

Here is a short list of enviromental myths:

I'm sure you can do a search and find many more. My point is that it's great to be "for the environment" but you don't have to agree with hypocritical collectist on the solution. That's all. Down with spikes in trees, people who spray paint furs, and let loose minks from animal farms. Didn't the "elves" recently light up a whole plant of Hummers? That's good for the environment?!!?

uggh! the forum killed my response. Blud, as a Christian Libertarian, I'm not sure there should be federal mandate against Mary J. That's probably better left to local community standards. I am personally opposed thought.

Also, Rush has a mix of listeners (liberal, etc.)I don't think he claims to be a Christian though. He and other social conservatives offer "tough love" as opposed to tolerant and "permissive" love. I'm sure there is room for both.


Liberals call his show all the time.

so what are you Blud? Undefinable! Ha! I can tell you, you wouldn't date my daughter as she is 2 years old!