ECHR awarded Datsik €5000 for detention conditions

ECHR awarded Vyacheslav Datsyk compensation of € 5 thousand because of the conditions of detention in the colony in Krasnoyarsk. He complained about the tightness in the cell and the constant cigarette smoke

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) satisfied the complaint of the nationalist Vyacheslav Datsik to the conditions of detention in the detention cell. He must be payed € 5 thousand. About this, "Fontanka" was told by his lawyer Andrei Fedorkov.

Datsik complained that during his confinement he lived in a tight cell (1.9 square meters per person), it was crowded, and the smell of cigarette smoke was constantly present in the cell. Datsik said that he did not smoke, and all requests to move him to another cell were unanswered, and he was not resettled.

The activist complained about such conditions in the correctional colony No. 31 in Krasnoyarsk. The Russian authorities are obliged to transfer to Dacik the amount awarded within three months. For each day of delay, interest will be added.

In December 2012, the Nevsky District Court of St. Petersburg sentenced Datsik for robbing the cellular communication salon to five years in prison. He was to serve his sentence in a colony of the general regime.

The ECHR awarded Datsik compensation for the violations during the execution of the verdict on this case. Nevertheless, the nationalist has several other crimes.

In May 2016, he was detained on suspicion of committing a crime under art. 162 of the Criminal Code (robbery by a group of persons using items used as weapons). The investigation believes that Datsik broke into an underground brothel in St. Petersburg and forced prostitutes to walk bare to the nearest police station. After that, he ordered the employees of the mini-hotel in the center of the city to undress and walk naked through the streets of St. Petersburg.

In this case, Datsik is under arrest until November 2017.


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He's fascinating... seemed logic at one time. Is he retarded? Drugs? Cte? 

Did you see his penmanship? This guy is far from retarded. What drugs lol Datsik doesn't even smoke. He might have some form of autism, Aspergers or something but this dude is pretty functional. However he just can't stay out of trouble and is obsessed with racist bs

You gotta be a smart person to make Russian government pay you €5000

Fighting in prison

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I think he's done. He's referring himself as a human rights advocate / social justice warrior these days, studying law all the time.

Andrei Arlovski vs Viacheslav Datsik

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