Economical collapse, RU scared?

Self defense doesn't just mean fighting a person in the ring or in the street it extends to defending yourself against the monetary system failing in this country. Forget politics, can you take care of yourself and your family. Period!!! no help from Red Cross, PD or National Guard?
Do you have the smarts to to be one step ahead of the panic?

Last year in mass there was a water scare, in 2 hours you could not find a bottle of water in any store within a 25 mile radius. People were fist fighting over the stuff. And that was nothing. Nobody told them there was 40/50 gallons of water sitting in their hot water tank. If they only new?
Also many were out of power for weeks, folks in NY and Jersey still have nothing after the hurricane.
Many don't feel it because it's not them, until it is them. Do you still have your job? Still making money? That was many people yesterday. Today is a different story for millions.

Word to the wise, break out of this little dome of a world called martial Arts and expand your thinking to the bigger picture. Your already in good shape, I hope. You can fight pretty good. You have developed discipline through your training now utilize those skills and move forward to the bigger issues you are facing.

JKD is about using what is useful. My friend Matt at SBG coined a phrase that I love,
A Delivery system. Well that is exactly what I used to develop for many in case of such a collapse.

This system provides you with all the knowledge you will need to be independent from social assistance which will never arrive anyway.

The more you know, the more you can do without being dependent on others, the better you will be. Even if there is no financial problem, power outages, storms, even running out of gas late at night. Do you know what to do? And I don't mean flipping the cell and calling for help.

People get frustrated because they don't know where to start, or they procrastinate and never get started.
Don't be the last one to the party. No One and I mean “No One” will help you when TSHTF.
We can do a starter thread to understand the basic delivery system if I get a+1. Other wise good luck with all this BS we are facing.

Go to any Native American Reservation and you'll see they live without every day of the week. Ain't nothing new. Natives are the original preppers.

Natives are the original preppers. You are right about that, but the old ways have been forgotten for the majority. The Native American as well as anyone else has been conditioned for dependency on others.
That puts you and all the others out here in a very bad spot. The big enemy is inflation and a decrease in the standard of living. Everyday staples milk, bread, coffee have doubled and tripled in price while family incomes have fallen. How's that working for you? You don't have to go to a reservation to see pain.
We as martial Artist have a common denominator with preppers. For preepers to survive a disaster they need a plan of attack like any fighter, they need a system like any martial artist, and they need to take care of their body and that is where we cross train, where we relate. So many preppers are fat and out of shape and this is where we get 1-upmanship on them. Preppers have no real plan other then accumulate things when they should be focusing on their body and to be exact the temperature of the body.

Learning to start fire, storing food, getting water is all for one reason. To control your body temp.
That's it!!!. Focus here, to the JKD prepper this is aliveness. This is the JKD way for preppers. Getting to the root of the problem, and the problem is people need others to control their body temp. believe it or not, you need others to control you in the most personal way. You own body temperature, your insides.
Don't let this happen cross train temp control into your training then if anything should happen you know exactly what do and how to do it because it's bases on your personal health.

Paul if you will go along and be the lab rat we can start to Madmax out.

Here is the scenario.
You are in Oregon in the middle of winter, you have your girl and your dog and you are watching utube Joe Maffei demonstrate Savete by kicking a cigar butt out of a puddles ass. For a few seconds you feel a tremor, the house is shaking and then the power goes out. What is your number one priority?

The 10 C's to survival.
1.Cutting tool: knife
2.Combustion: lighter
3.Cover: tent
4.Container: canteen
5.Carrier: back pack
6.Cordage; 550 cord
8.Cloth; bandana
9.Combination tool; multitool
10.Candle: flashlight.
Use each item 10 different ways to make 100 uses. This should keep you light with your back pack. Everything in here is to assist in maintaining core body temperature.

This is the kit we start everyone with.. after you can get the 100 uses from getting food to making fire and shelter, you can add to the kit. I add my hygiene bag(personal items), binoculars, duct tape, 5 gallon bucket, sleeping bag etc. If you have a vehicle you can expand on this kit with tools, generator, gas and that list will grow. But just having the knowledge will prepare you whether you are in the city or in the moutains. Keep it simple, have a plan and know your kit. If you have a spouse, make a kit for her.

Paul this is the guts of a 72/48 hr emergency kit until you can get help.
We start the guys off by first getting the items and then showing them how to use each one and then they go off and practice. Like building a fire. I can't tell you how many people say don't worry I can make a fire and many can. But can you do it in the rain with wet materials. That's the skill.
Next they learn to use each item 10 ways.

Finally the need to scavenge and find a make shift item to replace every one of the 10 items and then the follow 10 uses for each item.

I feel very confident the guys can make it 48 hrs with out any help baring sickness or injuries after this training.

To live off grip is a task and takes a lot of work. But to just make life easier when inconvenienced like a power outage, stove breaks down, locked out of your house in winter. Learning simple things makes BS a breeze if you have a plan and it's simple one at that.

Last year we had an snow/ice storm and power was down. My buddy got a generator to take care of that problem. But the geni has to be kept outdoors. Problem the weather was still bad and he had to put the geni under a tarp using rope to keep it out of the elements for protection but with the heavy wet snow it kept sagging and the geni would be buried under it. It was a nightmare he had to keep digging it out.

One of the items in the kit I described was rope (cordage) with this item people learn knots and how line works. If only my buddy new some simple rope skills his nightmare would be fixed in a second. Little things cause major problems. That skill would keep is geni dry and running which would keep the power on and the heat going, providing control of his body temperature. It all goes back to that in a survival situation. !0 simple steps to make life easier in crisis. Most out here already can protect themselves this is another way of protection.

Oh no! Did you know this country is still paying the interest on the interest borrowed after WW1 That's right the first world war, that is 100 years ago and we the people are still paying. We are 20 generations away from getting out of this mess, we need Glass Stiegal reform.
Just because a few liars fake some agreement doesn't mean shit. Wall street is still running the show and inflation is still higher and our debt still growing.

But bad weather is always a problem, crime, fire, floods, power outs. Stay the course, be prepared. We dodged a bullet this time but they are using an UZE.

Tip: every toilet is a candle. There is a wax ring under the bowl. Pull it off, twist a piece of cloth for a wick (cotton T) smush it into the wax and make a wick,

Bang instant candle. One wax ring will give you roughly 20, 2 hr candles or one huge candle that will last for days.

lloydmtz - Go to any Native American Reservation and you'll see they live without every day of the week. Ain't nothing new. Natives are the original preppers.


Paul Hopkins - You haven't prepped until you make homemade tripas tacos Phone Post 3.0

LOVE! V2.0

Demitrius Barbito - 
lloydmtz - Go to any Native American Reservation and you'll see they live without every day of the week. Ain't nothing new. Natives are the original preppers.


What have we done about it? How much do we care? Where is the bailout for them. Love it? I hate it and it hits closer to home then some might think.

Look, 2 things, 1- ride the wave or 2- see the tsunami.

1.Fake and injury, collect a check to prove your entitled for food stamps a phone and the RIDE for free transportation.. Keep the cash, sell the stamps and the phone and buy a bag of weed break it up into joints, only sell the twigs and seeds, keep the best for you. Never pay your rent, eviction depending on the state should give you at least 6 months free, use a free court lawyer for the day to by you time and keep the game going. Do the same with all your bills. Keep changing your identity and address.

More? get grant money from a collage or the national guard and start spending that. Buy some credits cards on the street and max them out with items you know you can get rid of fast to people who are getting free $$$ too.

Repeat this in 3-4 different states. Believe me your stock will keep going up just like Goldman Sachs, or Chase Bank. If you ever get caught plead the 5th. It works, that way they can keep paying you while you wait and keep the game going. There might even be an 800 number where a prompt can walk you through this process.
It's the American way... ;-)hashtagLOL Right

If you choose # 2. build and ARKvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Do you know how you can tell when there is gonna be a fight in a bar?

AK- cheaper rnd, don't burn up as fast, and take a beating.

Being Native and a member of what most would be considered wealthy tribe. I have to say the tribal council operates as a dictatorship. Unfortunately, those who speak up and try to change things usually end up in jail. Believe it or not if you go onto our Tribal Land and speak ill of the Tribal Council you can be arrested.

Other tribes actually spread the wealth. Only recently has a lot of the old "houses" been torn down and new ones built. Yet there are still the old-age problems of ignorance, alcoholism, and greed of the Tribal Council that keeps it from truly flourishing. Since I like to keep it real all this stuff about Natives being "spiritual" and all that mumbo jumbo is just for the tourist. There is a lot of inter-tribal crime perpetuated against each other. A shame. But when your own tribal council uses ignorance and fear as tactics for keeping control over its own people what else can you expect. The Natives didn't put themselves in that situation but the Natives in power are unfortunately not doing very much to change it.

A lot of the older generation still survive without much. But that's how they were raised.

@Paul. Two days ago I made home made OXTAIL stew. It was sooooo awesome!

Any good gambler knows to hedge his bets. If you don't realize you are gambling you have already lost.

Paul this is also a good read. This is what the collapse looked like in 2001 in Argentina

Paul - somehow I missed this: you live in an underground house near the top of a south facing slope??? THAT'S WHAT I'M TRYING TO BUILD. 

I have so many questions for you :)

Will do. Thanks.  

I'm finding the hardest part to be "finding the right parcel of land" (without moving to Maine). 

I've been working on that one :)

I brought my girlfriend up there for a trip in Sept and she *LOVED* it.  She was all about moving there...for about a day. And then she realized her family is likely to stay in CT, her friends have all settled there, and she's about to be an auntie...she doesn't want to move outside CT and MA.  

So close!  But we're visiting Maine two more times this coming year....  (We joined a group that builds traditional timber frame barns & houses for charity and we've got two raisings up there in 2015)