ECW stars that sunk with the ship

First off, Tommy Dreamer- He was big in ECW, now he looks over-weight, not any personality whatsoever, and is a full time jobber for the rest of his career.

Raven- He looks so fat it makes you wonder when's the last time the guy hit up a treadmill. Talk about having a cool, interestingly different gimmick and completely ruining it with twinkies and pizza. You don't look dark and scary if you're a fatboy.

Shane Douglas- He was the head of the franchise in ECW. He had a solid wrestling physique along with an outspoken personality and a fine slutty chick along his side. Now he looks fat, old, and is on his way to being some lowly manager or referee. This guy was a world champ just a fedw years ago.

Tazz- He's doing pretty good for himself outside of the ring, but damn, last night I watched the ECW year in review show, and Tazz looks like a possible Biggest Loser contestant. He literally ate himself out of ring competition, and pretty quickly after signing with the WWF.

Sandman & Balls Mahoney- Both still have a job in the ring, but we've seen enough of these two guys to know that they are both tiny stepping stones for Kevin Thorne.

These are a few examples of once huge superstars in ECW falling to meaningless non-existence. I blame Eric Bischoff for most of the career distruction that happened to these once important wrestling stars, and well, I'll blame food for some of it. I'm sure there are many more that should be added to the list, but these are a few off the top of my head.

Tommy Dreamer isn't a full time on air talent. For the longest time he had a job at the office and is currently helping out with backstage shit for ECW.

Raven recenlty had some health/thyroid issues which led to him being fat. Otherwise post-ECW he had a great feud with CM Punk in IWA-MS and ROH.

The Franchise was addicited to pain killers and went through rehab in TNA. Obviously nobody can work forever and him being on the mic as a manager is using his skills for those who cant get over because of lack of mic skills.

Tazz - Hurt his neck and never recovered. I agree he is very round. I LOL'd when he got in the ring to help Kelly Kelly.

wwECW is a failure. Fuck you Vince, Stephanie, and HHH. Your egos caused the brand to fail.