ecw's one night stand

1st one was great!!!! awesome and just made me happy!

last years was so-so cena-van dam etc.

this years?

i vote the suk. i wont even order this crap

You know, every match as extreme rules would have been fine...every match as a gimmick match, fucking stupid. Seriously bush league shit. It's like a eight-year old playing Raw vs. Smackdown GM mode.

im watching wec

Did anyone order this? Lol!

dont sound suprised that shelton made alot of mistakes.

i didnt get to see it.

is there any point in Mcmahon continuing to run this ecw name? when its just not ecw?

i remember getting to watch an hour a week on a satellite channel when i was lucky a few years ago, and there was always some guy falling from the roof thru 17odd tables.

do they not allow this violence to be shown anymore?

sucked it sounded like

Hardys vs WGTT was gold, even with the botched spots.

umm no

but i would be open to emails i guess?

sorry brah!!!!