Ed Herman vs. Mike Rodriquez

Up next... I got Rodriquez


Herman had lost 6 of 9 before this latest 2 fight comeback.

Rodriguez is a real knuckle dragger with that reach.

I love Ed’s reaction to that front kick. Kind of like “alright kid, not bad”. 

Short fuse has too many miles on him.

Herman has an unbelievable chin 

Wow Herman did bust some bitch shit 

WTF? That didn’t look even close to a low blow.

Ed WAS hurt–but not a low blow.

Rodriguez was just ROBBED of a TKO!



Weak Herman lol

veteran move by ed :smiley:

He knows he didn’t get hit there, he didn’t tell the ref it happened. The ref said it happened, why not take the break after you just got your shit pushed in? 

Those looked like liver shots 

Short fuse going for that Emmy. Clean shot to the mid section. 


It'll be hilarious if Herman wins this now, and I get paid out on Bodog!

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Bisping ragging Hermans ass lmao u know everyone can hear those guys

just lost all respect for ED. that was weak