Eddie Alvarez (DQ or NC?)

So does this fight go down as a NC or a loss for Eddie? I assumed it was a loss, but I keep reading on Twitter that bets were refunded as a push, and this amateur-ass ONE-FC production didn’t bother to have the ring announcer declare a winner … What gives? …

Should be a NC if anything but looks like it went as a DQ for Eddie which is a loss.

If it were in the United States under the jurisdiction of an athletic commission it would be declared a NC if the referee deemed the strikes unintentional. If the ref deemed them intentional, it would be a DQ.

I think I heard someone on commentary mention that it was a NC because the fight ended before the judges even had a chance to score a round lol

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Wasn’t on the mohawk. Fuck that ref and the actor.


If the DQ is overturned, it would become an NC.

You can’t unring a bell - although you can have a rematch.


Should be a NC. Not sure what it will end up as.