Eddie Alvarez: "Dream is behind me"

 According to MMAWeekly interview. Doesn't "rule out" fighting there again, but it doesn't sound like it's really in the plan.

Kind of strange given his success there and the fact that it seemed like he was already well-liked there.

You could read that comment 2 ways,..and you picked the negative. It could also be stated that DREAM "is behind him" meaning they are supporting him.


"Many fans have been clamoring to find out what Alvarez would do next and while a return to Japan isn’t out of the question, the former Bodog champion says that “Dream is behind him.”"

 I guess this explains (or is explained by?) JZ fighting Hansen for the title on NYE rather than Eddie.

 Weird stuff going on with Dream

Too bad all of Alvarez's good matchups outside of Japan are in the UFC, after he wrecks Diaz and Noons

 I don't think Strikeforce and EliteXC are partnering or sharing anymore, are they?

Zuffa sign him already!

From the interview I did with Eddie today, I basically got the feeling that he really wants to build his name in the U.S. and stay close to home where he has a new wife and his kids so Japan just doesn't sound like it's in his immediate future.

 Maybe because he will actually get paid if he fights in the US.

"I guess this explains (or is explained by?) JZ fighting Hansen for the title on NYE rather than Eddie."
Hansen will be fighting JZ in K1 not Dream.

This sucks, I like Eddie, and Dream is by far my favorite org.

"Hansen will be fighting JZ in K1 not Dream."

dream is k-1, or both are feg to put it more accurately.

"Hansen will be fighting JZ in K1 not Dream."

Oh, how come it won't be title then?

Its maybe because Dream has been screwing with a bunch of their fighters on their roster- nonpayment, late payment, etc.

waxwing slain - look at the context. there's no ambiguity. it means he's moving on...

 I wonder what it all means!

The reason he is saying this is because right after he got back from Japan, EXC offered him a pretty lucrative 6 fight deal, with CBS appearances. His previous contract with them was not near as good.

Eddie himself has said he really wants to fight in Japan again but for the forseeable future he will be competing for EXC. They dont have the most stacked divisions and need to lock up as much top talent as they can.

I personally would love to see Eddie vs JZ, Hansen 2, Aoki, Melendez, Thomson and KJ Noons at some point. Hopefully at least a few of these happen. I think Aoki would be the worst matchup he could face.

Wouldnt count on it.

UFC lowballed him awhile back and he isnt too bothered about fighting for them. Add to that the new 6 fight 2 year deal he signed with EXC. He is only 24 though so I wouldnt rule it out completely, but wont be in a year.

Well if he took UFC's lowball contract and lost he would be even more fucked.


Maybe he's worried the next foreigner that doesn't get paid on a DREAM show will be him?