Eddie Alvarez is a free agent

I think he ends up in either PFL, Eagle or BKFC.

Bellator and UFC don’t usually re-sign 38 year olds.

Getting big money for two or three BKFC fights and then calling it a career would probably be his best outcome here but who knows.

I’ll be very shocked if he is back in Bellator and UFC.

I can see him back in bellator. UFC should sign him for Alvarez/Chandler 3.

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I had zero interest in Bellator’s LW division two years ago. Then they signed…

Undefeated Usman Nurmagomedov
RIZIN GP champ
ROAD FC champ
couple top Russian fighters
few other LWs climbing the ranks
and AJ McKee is moving up to LW

So now I’m like, ok, Bellator LW GP in 2023 is something they got to do. Its all of a sudden their best division.

I’d love to see Alvarez back in Bellator and in a GP next year. That would be the best outcome.


I just can’t see UFC spending money on 38 year old Eddie, the UFC really don’t try to spend huge money on old names. They let JDS, Romero, Mousasi, Bader, Bendo, Pettis etc… go.

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I like Eddies take on One not offering to re-sign him

Maybe he can fight Giblert in BKFC

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Zero chance UFC would want him. I don’t see him back at Bellator either, I imagine he’d want too much money. Maybe BKFC.

Is like to see him win PFL