Eddie Alvarez is a good dude

That’s fair.

People who are fake will take it pretty far. The reason he can’t have kids is because his testicles don’t work is because he’s probably been on test and everything else under the sun since he was 16 years old.

He gave 2 kids a better life than what was ahead of them, who gives a fuck about steroids and what that could do to his body.


He’s still faking it. He just goes all in on the act. No one who trains with him likes him. That tells me all I need to know about the guy.

Fair enough man. I can only go by what I see. I like him so far. I have other fighters I dislike for no reason so I’m no better than anyone

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I just met him a few weeks ago at wrestling tournament. My son wrestled his son. After the match he got a picture with my son and stuck around for a few minutes and talked to us. He couldn’t have been nicer and it was obvious it was genuine.


Did you ask him about Laura Murphy?

Huh? Who is Laura Murphy?

You must have missed Eddie’s TUF season where he coached Lauren Murphy and kept calling her Laura. Which made her yell at him.


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Lol. My point exactly. Laura, Lauren Murphy who?

Eddie is an unbelievably humble and genuinely nice guy but I don’t think some girl who probably never deserved to be in the UFC in the first place should be pissed that one of the mentally and physically toughest guys to ever walk the planet kept getting her named mixed up.

If you are mad that people don’t know your name, fight better and they will