Eddie Alvarez vs. Joachim Hansen DREAM rd 2


Can't wait


tough test for eddie


Great fight.


awesome fight

 I think Eddie's wrestling could be the difference...


Eddie's Wrestling might be too much for Hansen. Agreed. This will be a big test for Hansen imo. Joachim would have done better facing the overrated Kawajiri or someone else.

damn crazy match-up

i wish well for eddie

but hansens been a favorite of mine for years...his transitions are #1 in the game

Wow, if this report holds true Eddie will be fighting the Fighter of the First Round.

Both these fighters were very impressive in round one but in my eyes Hell Boy was the most impressive fighter of the first round.

 Wow, the 2nd round is going to be amazing

Very tough match for Eddie. Good luck to him.

I think Hansen might be too much for Alvarez at this point... If Eddie wins, that's easily one of the top upsets so far this year.

go hellboy,via knee ko or rnc b4 time expires.

p.s.dreams messed up when they couldve had the kawajiri hansen rematch.their shooto title fight ended prematurely.

Well, better to fight a guy like Hansen in the 2nd round rather then having him as your first opponent in the 3rd round and then JZ on the same night.

Hopefully, once he makes it past Hansen, Eddie will have an easier opponent(style wise)as his first opponent in the 3rd round so that he can be well rested for the final bout.

This is the last fighter I wanted Eddie to face not only because we like him but because it means I am going to be getting my liver smashed in sparring him as a southpaw....grumble*grumble

Why is it that even if you can get your offense to work well in your opposite stance your defense is shit?

It going to be a loooooooong month.

great fight. im going with alvarez on this one.

I'm rooting for Alvarez and he can definately pull this off. Big bad Alvarez for another exciting upset.

 Awesome matchup.

 Hansen will tap Eddie......But I will be rooting for Eddie...



great match up. don't even know who to root for. i love hansen's combination of brawling standup and great technical bjj.

I like Hansen too for his warrior spirit but my pick going into this LW GP was Eddie Alvarez and I am sticking with the man from Philly!