Eddie Alvarez will win DREAM LW GP

I see the final match being Eddie Alvarez Vs. JZ with Eddie winning by TKO.

One things for sure, we're going to see if Eddie's for real with this tournament.

While I disagree with your call on the outcome, I don't really care what happens. This tournament is amazing and these fights are just going to be unreal.

This card is making me remember why I started to really love MMA.

JZ will choke Eddie via guillotine early & if not....JZ will KO Eddie....oh & I like Eddie too, but JZ is too much for just about any LW except BJ Penn

"a dream made you watch tuf? "

No pun intended I imagine? LoL

If Aoki beats JZ, I'll eat my hat.

I am excited to see Eddie against lightweights.

JZ is going to beat Aoki

I predict that Brigham while beat his meat while watching Aoki vs JZ

"I predict that Brigham while beat his meat while watching Aoki vs JZ "

I'm going to buy a fleshlight just for that occasion alone.

Eddie stands a good chance. Everything I've seen from him (sans the fight against Thompson) has led me to believe that he's the real deal. In this tournament we'll finally see him against some guys his size who are world class.
I'll take JZ over Aoki, though. It's a clash of styles, but JZ's too well rounded. I think he'll be fine and will do damage no matter where the fight goes.

my god this JZ

I thought Melendez was participating in the GP.

Joachim Hansen!!

Insider info for betters.

JZ and Eddie have already sparred live against each other in training.So I can let SMS know that he is not even close to being right.

Though I do see Eddie and JZ in the finals.

if somebody takes out JZ I could see Ishida taking it

Practice is different than a real match & right now JZ is on his way to superstardom...I've been saying it for years now....JZ is the best LW in the world

SMS you are correct about training(but doesn't everyone know that?)however your very reasoning can be used to support either fighter.

You and I have no idea what happens to fighters like them when they step in the ring.

Their abilities and performance in training do not even come close to approaching the full potential that is exhibited when they actually fight.

It is an amazing thing....

"Also Eddie is now fighting Artur Oumakhanov."

Did Dida get injured or something?

agreed guys....I just see JZ being next to impossible to beat "right now"