Eddie Alvarez's UFC debut? (If he is in the UFC)

IMO him and J-Lau would match up together perfectly, would be a great scrap.

Or Gray Maynard, they'd be a great match up too. Phone Post

Eddie vs Maynard at UFC 157 or 158.

Have him and Melendez fight Phone Post

I want Yves to get this fight, he's a crafty veteran and that sick KO of Stevens should get him a fight against a good guy. If Eddie is impressive in victory they can match him up with the Pettis/Cerrone loser.

Alvarez vs Lauzon would be fight of 2013 if it happened

GregNoActionJackson - Have him and Melendez fight Phone Post

That would be a sweet fight but I'd like to see him up against a regular UFC guy (Maynard, lauzon, Nate) first to make sure he's up to snuff, same with Gil. For the record I think they're both UFC caliber but I've been wrong with most "amazing" guys from other organizations more then a few times lol Phone Post

Diaz! Phone Post

Terry Etim

Alvarez vs Josh Thompson.

Eddie Alvarez Vs. Diego Sanchez

Alvarez vs Varner Phone Post

Alvarez vs Thompson
Melendez vs Sanchez Phone Post

I think Alvarez, Thompson, and Gil should all face UFC veterans so that the fans can see them against known commodities.

Sergio88 -

Eddie Alvarez Vs. Diego Sanchez

This Phone Post