Eddie Bravo/10th Planet guys

Just so you guys know, I strained/partially tore my MCL. I have to stay off it for about 10 days (no training) or so, and I should be fine. I'm glad its nothing serious and I wont need surgery or anything. Just thought you guys would want to know. I should be back to my jailbreaks in about 2 weeks.

I'm hoping before I get shipped to Korea that I can come there a train for a week or two.

shinblade misses you.

Tore? I tore my ACL, LC and MCL...Needed COMPLETE Reconstruction...

JRoc, you should come to 10th planet if you have the chance. its on santa monica and fuller. Much more fun than porno and video games.

Injuries suck -- heal up and come back! :)

ttt for the return of David "The Fugitive" Van Vallen!

Rest up Van Halen - you'll be back to jailbreakin' us in no time!

Shoot, I tore BOTH my ACL's on the same day, sprained my ankle, and broke my neck. Hell... I'm dead!