Eddie Bravo ? about Gogoplata

Eddie when I get the gogoplata I can never get the choke but I can get a crank that resembles the twister crank on the neck.

Do you use this?

my shin goes across the neck guy doesnt give you jiu-claw so while the shin is across the neck I gable grip and pull his head down making sure his head his being bent sideways much like a twister.

Eddie what are the pro's and cons to this technique anygood or should I toss it from rubberguard system I am getting the tap alot lately but dont want bad habits?

hope you reply by the way your seminar video was great and helped my rubberguard alot still needs work though.

i prefer to pull their head straight down instead of to the side. ideally your shin will be under their throat . . . if it isn't, then you get a decent face/neck crank.

I came across it by fluke and it seems pretty nasty so far but still I'd like Eddie's opinion on the technique since he is the creator of rubber guard and knows the pro's and cons of certain techniques.

Example of pro's and cons =lister asks at the seminar why shouldnt I use a gable grip under the leg framing the face ,Eddie Replies because guy can pull his arm out easy and you'll have to start over.