eddie bravo fighting mma?

Does eddie bravo train m.m.a?ive heard how good a jiujitsu player he is,does he train m.m.a if so will we ever see him competing in m.m.a??

good question. ttt

warrenoliver must be new to the sport,, like one month in and not training in anything....
try almost 5 years in,and training in everything.lol

"warrenoliver must be new to the sport"

-uncalled for comment-
Im not new and I thought it a good guestion if anyone has heard anything recently.

"warrenoliver must be new to the sport,, like one month in and not training in anything..."

That time of the month?

foot in mouth?

seriously though-

If Bravo trained standup and got good he would be a force. He might be anyways in his weight.Look at what he did at ADCC...Dantas,Royler!!!

hes got plenty of good people to help him with his striking.

I thought the question was good also... how much money does Eddie think it will take to do MMA?

Not that I'm doubting his abilities. i just want to see him in pride!

30 g's at a guess

I have talked a little bit about this with eddie. He has been approched by some smaller events. Those he is not really nterested in. His school is really taking off right now and to get peeled away from it I think he would want a pretty large chuck of change to be placed on the table. k-1 has shown a slight interest in him and I now if they threw him a bone he would go in there. I would love to see him fight a good japanese guy.


How are eddies takedowns, everytime i see him fight he pulls guard

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I think Eddie has said it would take a huge payday to get him to train and fight MMA.

Does he train stand-up at all, or would he have to
start from scratch?

Matmovement, u sure he doesn't like to strike? most guys I have heard of who don't want to fight mma don't like being hit. The hitting others doesn't tend to be so bothersome.

eddie was a college wrestler i believe. last I heard from him he had no striking at all.

I've wanted to know this for some time now...

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