Eddie Bravo I Need Your Advice!

Eddie when I get the Twister Position or Truck position I keep getting reversed and end up in bottom with the lockdown.

I can only get the twister from back control after attempting a bannana split

but the twister is still hard to get because the guys reverse and end up in halfmount

Eddie what am I doing wrong how do I stop them from slipping away from me and gaining that top position?

wish you had a forum like bolo for ? like this

cant wait till your tapes come out so I can get the small details down

if this helps right now the entrys I use to get to the truck position/twister is your book material and twister video with a blend of Marcelo Garcia 3 taking the back techniques.

thank you for the knowledge and time


Blake Grice

the guys are not spinning into me but away from me and we end up into a big confusing scramble


You should be asking Jake Shields. After he finishes teaching Saulo a few
moves at LASUBX, I'm sure he would be glad to help you. Eddie would tell
you the same.

Eddie, Joe, and Tait have been like, gone from the boards as of late it seems. Where the hell are these guys?

Eddie is the guy I want the details from it's his technique

I wish people would leave them be with there trolling pretty soon they will turn away all the pro's that hang out here

I suggest you find a qualified catch-wrestling coach and direct your questions there, instead of messing around with Eddie Bravo.

catchwrestling has never been proven effective in tournaments besides Eddie who is jui-jitsu Machado trained

People claiming to be catchwrestlers are using bjj moves to win tournaments and you rarely ever see anything different besides good old basics

Eddies stuff is very effective it just takes time to learn because we are still catching up with what he was trying to show us.

We been in Austin....you should try to start from twister side control.


Tait I entered from side control and after the roll is completed they still spin out on me and move to half mount

I did get the twister 1 out of 20 times that I should have got it but always they just spin to halfmount

by the way Tait great fight thought you could have just kept pulling guard in that fight because everytime you where on your back with mission control you where doing awesome and not getting hit.

Nice triangle at the end

ttt for Eddie Bravo

ttt for eddie



You have to keep the lockdown in as you roll---its vital in keepingt the
posish my fren...without the lockdown you have zero.
As far as Josh...ya...the kid was greased heavy...My takedowns didnt
start off great and certainly got no better in my 6 week layoff from
training with ken, but Id rather bang than pull guard...but at the end of
that round I felt I needed to try somethin crazy...hence the
"knockdown"...all in all, I had a great time fighting that afternoon.

from the truck, there are only 2 ways to spin.

If he spins into you, he is helping you and your quest for the twister, if he spins away from you, he gets to half mount.

don't let him spin away from you :)

Thanks guys from truck I wasnt trapping his arm before moving into the twister I was skipping that step which allowed him to spin.

Eddie thanks the twister is great people dont practice the escapes all to often which is exactly why Im trying to prefect it along with it's other options.

The lockdown game has done me wonders

You forgot about London. I live in the UK so I take that shit personal. ;)