Eddie Bravo Post UFC 47 Interview

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Eddie Bravo's POST UFC 47 Thoughts & Analysis!
Reported By: Boxing Insider - 04.21.2004 09:13 PM

The leader of "10th Planet jiu-jitsu", official UFC score keeper, the only American to 'tap' a Gracie, and great friend to boxinginsider.com, Eddie "The Twister" Bravo once again takes time out of his busy schedule to break down UFC 47: It's On!

BoxingInsider.com: Eddie, what did you think? Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell -- it finally happened. What are your thoughts following that fight?

Eddie Bravo: Well, I wasn't surprised that Chuck won but I was surprised at the fashion in which he won. In the second round he unloaded on Tito in a Vitor-like fashion. He looked to be screaming as he was throwing that last combo. It was just shocking seeing Tito drop. We've never seen Tito get beat down like that before. It was insane.

BoxingInsider.com: Can you describe the electricity in that room that night? -- someone actually threw Tito's hat back in the ring.

Eddie Bravo: It was crazy. That place was sold out -- there was not an empty seat in the house. Looking up to the top of the arena -- every seat was filled and everybody was screaming. It was ilike a KISS concert. You couldn't hear the guy talking next to you. And it was star-studded. George Clooney was there, Michael Clark Duncan was there.

BoxingInsider.com: If you watch the replay closely enough, Tito seemed to get poked in the eye by Chuck Liddell with the setup to the flurry of punches. Do you think that might take away from Chuck Liddell's victory?

Eddie Bravo: No, not at all. You know, in this sport you've got open gloves and that's going to happen sometimes. That, to me, doesn't take anything away from his victory. Chuck clearly won -- he dominated. Unless someone can prove without a shadow of a doubt that Chuck did it on purpose, and I don't see that happening.

BoxingInsider.com: But you don't think those gloves might not be safe?

Eddie Bravo: No, that's just part of the game. I mean, punching someone in the head isn't safe -- that's legal in the sport. How about kneeing someone in the teeth? That's not safe, that's just part of the game. Like I said, unless we can prove that Chuck thumbed him intentionally, it's not going to matter in the long run.

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TTT for the Twister!

Eddie speaks the truth. The question about the gloves not being safe is really stupid. How are you gonna have gloved sport with grappling and not have a loose thumb?

I agree with Eddie except for the glove thing.

The gloves are not safe and need to be looked at closely. I know if these kind of things keep on happening with the same frequency as they have lately something will be done by the athletic commission.

Right now I would say just scrap them because all they do is pad the knuckles as they are. The seam , the open fingers and the unattached thumb are always going to be a problem if they are not fixed and this sport is going to have a lot of career ending eye injuries if they are not corrected or done away with.

TTT for crappy judo throws!

Gloves are fine. There is no perfect fighting equipment. Occasionally there will be accidents, that's sports for you.