eddie bravo rubber guard


Now that Bravo has come out with his whole system of no gi grappling (Mastering the Rubber guard book), and soon to be Mastering the Twister, with DVD instructionals of these books planned for summer 2007 what do you think will happen to the bjj world?

Already Chuck Liddel is taking lessons from his rubber guard for mma. The competitive circuit in no gi and mma has seen the traditional moves of juijitsu for a decade and a half now.

How long before Eddie Bravo's systems becomes standard in most dojos?

Also Bravo states anyone can be successful with his system if they dedicate time to stretching. Its simply a prerequisite not a deterent.

Any input?

Eddie has done a great job with establishing a system of jiu-jitsu. Like I said many times before, I started to talk about systems and I predicted that the idea of a system will grow in BJJ and eventually be standard. However, I doubt Eddie's personal system will become standard in most schools. No one's system will be become standard outside of their own association.

Eddie is great at jiu-jitsu, however, I doubt that understanding the science of stretching is his speciality. I'm willing to be that he has always been naturally flexibly in his hips. Playing rubber guard is about flexibility in your hips/glutes. I have noticed that may people who have the flexiblity in their hips to play runnber guard tend not to have the same level of flexibility in their hamstrings. In addition, I have noticed from Eddie's book that he tends to have a far great range of motion in his spine when in flexion in comparison to extension. I do not recommend over developing flexibility in one area or direction. This causes great muscle imbalances which will cause problems for your body. I know that Eddie has had back problems in the past from playing his system so much.