Eddie Bravo says Roy Nelson can make 185 smh

BroVo science

I'm with Eddie in this one Phone Post 3.0

I thought he said 155 at first... Hahaha
They're breaking down his whole physique right now Phone Post 3.0

155 lmao

Eddie is probably drunk or stoned. Stop taking everything serious Op. Phone Post 3.0

the nipples of a flyweight

Roy Nelson is just a flyweight with some extra fat imo

I meant to say Roy Nelson got extra fat by eating the flyweights

Definitely possible. It would take less than a year with a strict diet. Phone Post 3.0

Absolutely, no question in my mind.  Of course he'd need to adjust whatever the hell he does to fit that of the UFC's elite fighters when it comes to diet and workouts.

I'll give him this for free and he will make that weight at least he'll make 205 ripped.

I dropped like 30lbs in 2 months with this and still kept strength


Check this out:

Would you say Roy is what 35-40% body fat?

261 lbs x .6 = 156.6 lbs
261 lbs x .65 = 169.65 lbs
261 lbs x .7 = 182.7 lbs

Pretending his body fat is 35%, which is being generous, Roy could get down to 10% body fat and weigh 195.75, easily putting him at middleweight.

Roy minus 25%:
261 lbs x .75 = 195.75 lbs Phone Post 3.0

Middleweights are in the ring around 205.

Of course a fat as hell 6' guy could get to 205 if he were in shape.

TryhardNobody - South Bronx Paradise baby!

Just don't get any exercise though, that's a no no.

I think a disciplined, serious, and perhaps younger Roy Nelson could make WW.

You figure he's carrying 60 pounds of excess fat. Get rid of it and he's already down to 200.

Fight camp and diet probably takes him down to 185.

Cut to 170.

Dudes damn near 40. No way he's dropping 20% unless he catches the bad aids. Phone Post 3.0

lol age dont matter look at guys like Dexter Jackson 45 and Mike o Hearns around 45

ripped as fuck

furious pete cutting





thats 2 styles of cutting I posted that work fast enjoy

Hargreaves - lol age dont matter look at guys like Dexter Jackson 45 and Mike o Hearns around 45

ripped as fuck

Lol @ using bodybuilders as your example Phone Post 3.0

why not thats how you cut lmfao