Eddie Bravo Talks Royler Situation and Much More..

(Bravo says, “Don’t be scared, romie.”)

When a relatively unknown brown belt named Eddie Bravo defeated a revered member of the fabled Gracie clan eight years ago at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling Championships, many people, including the man he beat, Royler Gracie wrote off the win as a fluke. Since then, Bravo has been painted as a rebellious martyr by the Gracie loyal and has worked tirelessly to prove that there’s more than the Gracie way of competing in submission grappling and MMA.

Recently it was announced that a rematch between Gracie and Bravo would be taking place at this year’s ADCC tournament and after agreeing to the bout and speaking about it in the press, Royler made some high monetary demands to the event organizers that may very well leave the match in jeopardy.

We spoke to Bravo over the weekend and touched on a number of topics, perhaps most importantly the status of his match with Royler that was to provide him an opportunity to once and for all silence his detractors.

Check out what he had to say after the jump.

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 Hmmmm............... that Eddie is a pretty smart cat.


 great piece..TTT

 Can I make a friendly suggestion, M-Rus?

Some paragraphs would do wonders for those two really long columns. Eddie's dropping some pearls in there, but it kinda gets lost in the sea.

Great interview though. I feel like I learned a shitload about Jiu Jitsu from just a half-hour conversation with Eddie.

 Thanks, man. Duly noted. Breaks added.