Eddie Bravo tapes

I'm a newbie to the whole instructional tape thing, and DEFINITELY a newbie to BJJ (one lesson in). But, I'm hooked.....and Tony C had nothing to do with it. I've come to recognize that Eddie B is one of the top BJJ guys out there and a real inovator. Does he have any instructional tapes? If so, does anyone knwo where they can be found?

supposed to come out with instructional DVDs but its taking forever. He does have a documentary with some instructional clips (haven't seen it) called the twister. I think its available at onthemat.com
He also is GREAT in seminars and teaches very step by step with much humor and enthusiasm. His website is www.twister.tv I think - Good luck!

I dunno. When it comes to the art of Blunt Fo Yu I'm a skilled expert. I've got my own "twister".

BTW:Fatbuddah, I appreciate the feedback. I'll check that out.

Eddie currently has a DVD with a bunch of his sub-grappling fights and a few instructional moments called "The Twister". Go to his website for more info: www.thetwister.tv

no problem!