Eddie Bravo Trains Chuck Liddell

Eddie Bravo Training Chuck Liddell for Couture rematch

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Eddie Bravo has been tapped to train "The Ice Man" Chuck Liddell in Jiu Jitsu in preparation of his big rematch with Randy Couture at UFC 52.

Q: Tell us how this all came about, how did Eddie Bravo come to train Chuck Liddell?

Eddie Bravo: Well, I have known Chuck for a few years now, I knew him before he became the world famous "Iceman."

Back when I was a purple belt I had offered to train him on the ground, but you know, he lived 3 hours away and I hadn't really proven myself yet.

Then about a year and a half ago in Miami, we were at a club and I had asked him again if he wanted me to train him on the ground, but again I really hadn't proven myself and I still wasn't a black belt yet, so he stuck it out with the jiu jitsu instruction he already had.

Then finally he decided since he was taking the rematch with Randy Couture in April and since he lost the first fight on his back, who better to teach him how to fight off his back then me.

So basically when the fight was officially signed, he decided he had to be really good on his back because Randy is virtually unstoppable at taking guys down. So he called me and took me up on my offer.

Q: So can you tell us exactly what you are bringing to the table that his current trainers at the Pit were not able to provide him?

Eddie Bravo: Well, he lost to Randy because he wasn't that technical off his back. And he has to fix that. I am not going to teach him how to take any body down -- I am not going to teach him how to strike - you know - I am just going to teach him how to fight from the guard because that is my specialty.

Q: So you guys trained together last week, what did you guys go over, and can you give us any insight as to what a training session between Eddie Bravo and Chuck Liddell is like?


Eddie Bravo: What is going on is no secret, he is coming to me to learn how to fight from the guard. We are doing a lot of half guard stuff, we are doing a lot of full guard stuff, a lot of rubber guard stuff.

We don't have that much time to train, the fight is only a couple months away, but I think we can do enough to make a difference.

Q: Are you one of his official trainers now? Was this just a 1 time seminar kind of thing,

Eddie Bravo: I don't know what is going to happen after the Randy fight, he does live three hours away but he is planning on training with me up until the fight.

But after that who knows, maybe I will continue to train him, which I would love to do. I would love to have him for couple years. In a couple months you can only do so much.

I would really like to have him for couple years. If I did, I would make sure that anybody fighting him would regret taking him to the ground.

Eddie Bravo will be joining Boxinginsider.com in a few days with his UFC 51 preview and analysis.

Oh hell ya!!!!!!

Thats awesome. It'd be cool to see Chuck working a little rubber guard in the rematch. Didn't Gerald Strebendt just do training with Team Quest and show those guys, including Couture, some of the rubber guard? Sort of funny considering Gerald learned from Eddie.


always good to see a top level fighter seek out new ideas and be open minded.


"I would really like to have him for couple years." Ghey.

Of course, I take some time off to heal my neck and Chuck Liddell starts training with us. My timing is impeccable... :) I'll be back in February...


Pretty sweet!! Actually I was thinking some of his rubber guard no gi "hand holds" he uses per say would be good for Mino to use on Fedor if he gets em down in the guard. Nice to see Chuck looking to open up the ground game battle potentially, try a bit of a different strategy. He's in good hands!


is chuck coordinated enough for that? he doesn't even look coordinated when he's doing striking... something he's good at

I never knew chuck painted his toe nails until now

That's cool. I'm not sure that this will enable Chuck to take Randy after he's put on his back, as it's just a couple of months. Very cool though.


I always wanted Chuck to do some more groundwork. This shows that Chuck has big respect for Randy's takedown ability. He knows that no matter how good his wrestling is, that soonner or later the fight would go to the ground and he has to do something about that instead of constantly trying to stand up and wasting energy.

Props to Chuck for being open-minded about this and is not being cocky/arrogant by not training on his weaknesses.

Eddie is cool and I hope he teaches Chuck enough techniques to at least neutralize Randy's GnP. But I also beleive that it wont stop here. Chuck has to really work hard on his stamina because Randy will not stop taking you down until you get tired and stay down.

Eddie, if you are reading this can you please give us more details??? How was his ground technique before you taught him? Any info is appreciated.

"who better to teach him how to fight off his back then me."

Most likely someone who has actually fought. Bravo knows his submission grappling, but I question Chuck's decision to use him as his primary ground coach. Its alot harder to pull of all those fancy acrobatic moves while getting punched in the face.

sadyv has a point.

I would assume that Eddie knows that though.

Jesus, don't think there is a snowballs chance in hell of it happening, but imagine if CHuck subbed Randy with the twister??? Holy shit.

"Most likely someone who has actually fought."

Would it be a bad idea for Royce to learn his striking from Ramon
Dekker because he never fought mma?

"Its alot harder to pull of all those fancy acrobatic moves while getting
punched in the face."

Duh......every aspect of grappling is harder with punches.


What type of guard do you suggest Chuck should work on?

spider? open? Should I throw a gi on him?

I think chuck should take it back old-school UFC and fight with the gi on. LOL :)

sadyv just got pwned by eddie bravo lol

Hey Eddie how is the training going with Chuck? Will he be attempting any subs or are you guys just focusing on defending the Randy's GnP?

I think that you are very underrated when it comes to grappling. You are definately on of the best technicians out there !

I'm pretty sure there have been quite a # of succesful people come out of 10th planet. There was a h/l on subfighter of one of EB's fighters if I'm not mistaken.

Looks like Chuck is setting up a pyramid in that pic.

LOL at Chuck not having the coordination to do BJJ. That's just silly,man.

IMHO there are only 3-4 guys that I know of that are in the same realm
as Eddie in regards to his teaching.
Come and see....