Eddie Bravo vs Dikta

Now that I have your attention....About Eddie, he deserves all the accolades (and then some) he is getting because he workied his ass off. He's been competitive and active on the grappling circuit for YEARS previous to Abu Dhabi competing at every level from blue up until Royler/Leozinho and facing some of the biggest names in the sport along the way. He earned a black belt directly from one of the best jiu-jitsu instructors in the world, Jean Jacques Machado and is widely credited within grappling circles for a number of new approaches and innovations within the sport. Buy Eddie's video at OntheMat! :)http://www.onthemat.com/x-cart/xcart/customer/product.php?productid=118&cat=&page=Watch Eddie in action right here!Eddie Bravo in Action @ OntheMat.com

ttTOP! :-)


nuthin but PROPS for eddie!!!!

i know da coach and he is still one tough mo-fo!

Dat would be a mini Ditka, my friend.

Dikta by clip board broken over head.

Really the only way to make this fair is to have Ditka grapple both Royler and Bravo and Arona all at the same time. Also to extract a lung from Ditkas chest so he wouldn't be able to use a full tank of gas.

Still Ditka would win

"I have met Ditka."

but have u met Dikta?


Wait, is the mini Ditka driving a school bus?

I dunno......

is Ditka on a diet of Polish Sausage?

Ditka by armbar

How about Bravo vs. a hurricane named Ditka?