Eddie Bravo vs Hughes who wins

Eddie has probally trained withguys on that level what was the outcome and has eddie done well agianst MMA guys in rolling or does he not do well

I see Eddie pulling an upset

eddie for tuf 4

in what type of competition? My money's on Hughes in a game of horseshoes.

This will be an important informitive thread.


hughes by whatever he wanted

not even worth speaking about, Hughes by finger flicking Bravo into the audience

If Bravo would just start training in Catch Wrestling, I think he could take Hughes...

adcc bravo could catch him, he caught royler...

I call stupid thread!!!
Maybe ill start one, called Gilligin vs Chuck lidell
I wonder if Gilligin will win? Ive seen him take some big hits from falling cocanuts and still run really really fast and the Skipper through quite a few right hooks to gilligins face and head with his hat that didnt faize him...

"This will be an important informitive thread."