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From: EddieBravo
Date: 13-Jun-03 01:29 AM

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I smoke after I train pretty much everyday, BUT I do cut down alot
when I'm training for a fight.

Cutting out carbs and sugar is torturous when I'm high.

I just got back from teaching my class and I'm about to smoke a
monstrous bowl and go get something to eat


From: EddieBravo
Date: 13-Jun-03 01:49 AM

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The munchies are real, only when I'm stoned can I eat a large pizza
by myself and then hit an ice cream shop for a hot fudge sundae.

From: EddieBravo
Date: 13-Jun-03 02:19 PM

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I spend way more money on food than weed.


"Grow the bangs back, and slick that @#%$ back again man."

I get more @#%$ with the new dew.


Set up a seminar where you live and I'll take you up on that offer.

"good hydro inhibits your appetite. I know this because I'm Canadian and we get real weed here."

I don't know about that, I smoke KILLER @#%$ and I ALWAYS get the
munchies. But the next time I have to cut weight for a fight I'll
look for this magical weed.

Maybe one of you Canadian guys can send me some appetite inhibiting
chronic to help me make weight.

If only thats all it took to become a black belt is smoking a bong.

I saw that on Fightsport 24/7 web site, apparently the Bennett(sp) fellow forward his forum message to UFC board just basically back stabbing Eddie (trying to get him fired).

One of Eddie Bravo's friend in the UFC forward Bennett's email straight back to Eddie just showing what kind of scum bag he is. The UFC gave Bennett the sack for stirring up shit in the head office and cut throating a man's position.

gosta de fuma um?

I dont think it says anything bad against eddie.

He sounds like one kool man

.... buffalos solja, im da hart ob na amercia, singin, woyoyo woyoyoyo ....

sure its probably a good training system, but it is no BODY BY OFFICE

What a shock I never would have thought Eddie Bravo smoked weed ;)

I think eddie lives by OUT OF BODY BY OFFICE

MMAKing, i believe that was published by fightsport, and i really doubt its veracity.

every one knows eddie smokes the weed

I wonder if thats how he comes up with all the weird shit from guard.

Anyone know where i can get Eddie Bravo's DVD's in Australia???

Weed only helps you write interesting stories that are interesting and may or may not be funny because they may or may not be reflecting the truth in an interesting way that may or may not involve monkeys and/or monkey knife fighting.

may or may not be Dave.

Dave (maybe)

ohh son drugs will end ya

drugs are bad emmmmk

Drugs are bad. But its still funny

If you are of the opinion drugs are bad, go to your CD collection and burn it, because the people that made that music you love sooooooo much were all higher than a half fucked motherfucker in a fuck fest when they thought that shit up.

Dave "man I am fucked" Krstic

Everything in moderation...including moderation.

Dave are you saying Kenny G does drugs?

Thats the most bastardised version of a Bill Hicks quote I've ever seen.