Eddie Bravo's House ?

On Twister he has a huge house

but later in the video he reveals that he lives in an apartment with a small computer

Which house is his real house?

Feel bad if the apartment is his real place It would prove UFC pays shitty but if the other house is his they must pay well.

Blowin' up imho.


Eddie is blowin' up!!!

picture a shopping cart...


stalker IMO

everybody needs an idol

my house sux :(

Bro... Hollywood is expense.

awww....leave 'em alone....

From thesmokinggun.com:

^ Eddie's Hollywood Hills high-rise. Purportedly Chuck helped with
designing and building the foundation

It looks like a trailer on stilts. Jeebus, Eddie, can we send you anything? I have an old couch if you need it! Let me know!

Is this the same eddie bravo we see pic's of in limo's?


I bite my tongue alot on this board - trying not to talk down to others - but this 1 time i must say Coach Mack Brown has owned spider in this thread.

It sounds like he's trying to find out where Eddie lives.

Eddie do your self a favour, and spend a couple of nights round your misses's house.

You may have an over-friendly visitor over. ;)

So Eddie's a catchwrestler afterall?

I get it...that whole "smear Tony Cecchine" thing was just eliminating the competition.


lol I like eddie's technique but not as much as say Marcelo Garcia's

as for MMA Tito,Silva,shogun,and chuck are my true favorites overnight Im a celebrity

next thing I know you guys will check my profile who's the real stalker lol you guys are funny Im the next check ur oil or am I him.


TTT for Eddie's Doll House!