Eddie Griffin is out of the League

Rockets cut Griffin, losses; opinions mixedTo coach Jeff Van Gundy, Eddie Griffin was a player who hurt himself and his team, a "nice kid" who made the Rockets' decision for them. To Steve Francis, Griffin was a friend and teammate cut loose another chance too soon. To others, he was a young man with problems in need of a new start. But in many ways when the Rockets waived Griffin on Friday they were saying the same thing: that Griffin's Rockets career could have and should have been so much more, and nothing will change that. Griffin's tenure with the Rockets has been reduced to a cautionary tale of unrealized potential and an organization left with nothing to show for a draft-night gamble on a talented, but ultimately troubled teen. With Griffin, 21, suspended since October and facing felony assault and misdemeanor drug possession charges, the Rockets reached a settlement agreement to waive him Friday. Griffin, a 6-10 forward acquired for three first-round picks in 2001, averaged 8.7 points, on 38.3 percent shooting, and 5.8 rebounds in 150 games. But he was viewed as such a prized prospect, the Rockets considered him one of the keys to the team's rebuilding plans and one of the inspirations of owner Leslie Alexander's much-repeated claim that the Rockets would be "one of the greatest teams ever assembled." "There's no doubt that Eddie's actions hurt us," Van Gundy said. "There's no doubt it set us back as an organization and as a team. We didn't do this to Eddie; Eddie did it to himself and to us. There is the rub that players and coaches and management will always disagree on. It's a significant blow to absorb. There's no doubt about that. Certainly, all the things that have happened now culminating in this has set us back." By JONATHAN FEIGENCopyright 2003 Houston ChronicleLINK


how was he in college?

any chance of a return?

this is what the league needs, they need to do this shit more, its just hard with the salaries guys make and no cut contracts.

He will be fine as far being able to play somewhere, its up to him to get his act together