Eddie Hearn " FMJ Fight Was Dog Sh7t "

Hes not wrong

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Hearn famously runs Matchroom Boxing – and reps some of the biggest names in the sport including Anthony Joshua , Devin Haney , Gennady Golovkin and more.

And, while some industry bigwigs applauded Logan vs. Floyd for drawing attention to the sport and possibly bringing in new younger fans … Hearn thinks it was an atrocity.

“It was just sad, it was sad. None of it ever made sense.”

Hearn says he doesn’t blame Floyd – applauding the guy for making a fortune for an easy night’s work – but thinks the event left a bad taste in the fan’s mouths.

Hearn says part of the blame is on the promoters and other industry professionals who aren’t producing great fighters and great events.

“If we don’t make good fights, you’re going to see more and more of this,” Hearn explained.

“We have to save boxing … No more s**t fights for great money.”

When Hearn was talking at one point he said…“Jake Paul can fight a bit, Tyron Woodley can’t really fight but was a great MMA fighter” what he is trying to say is Tyron can’t box.

Still, people like Hearn have a strange definition of “fight”.

You can just tell Hearn has spent zero hours wrestling, doing BJJ or kickboxing and should not open his mouth about who can and who can not “fight”.

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Hearn would have been so high on Mayweather vs Paul if he got a piece of it but he did not so he can fuck right off and quit being a little cunt.


On one hand I agree with Hearn 100%. But on the other hand if you want good fights stop protecting AJ so you can pad his record and keep cashing out at Wembley you hypocritical little cunt

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that is so fucking beautiful. After agreeing with Eddie the whole way, he had to ruin it.

annoyed that Mayweather was raking the piss out of the fans, he said, ‘at least do it subtlety!’ - love that, basically an admission and showing frustration that Floyd didn’t need to make the same effort to be stealthy as he does.

Hes fought more current top 10 ranked HWs than Fury and Wilder combined even though hes got far less pro experience than either…

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Kinda looks like Artem here

It’s has nothing to do with putting on the fights we want Eddie. What Floyd does as a retired boxer has nothing to do with Crawford and Spence not fighting, Fury and AJ not happening and so on. Don’t blame the exhibition for all the greed with promoters in boxing etc

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At least they can actually put a fight together Eddie, this guy is the worst thing about boxing the past decade in my opinion

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bet you’re a lot of fun at parties. christ on a fucking bike.