Eddie Sanchez is Back....Against Bobby Lashley


Titan FC 19: Bobby Lashley vs Eddie Sanchez booked as main event on July 29

Solidsnake_tiny by Geno Mrosko

Clash of the Titans.

Former WWE "superstar" and wannabe mixed martial artist Bobby Lashley is back again, this time taking on former UFC heavyweight punching bag Eddie Sanchez.

The two will meet in the main event of the upcoming Titan FC 19 fight card set to go down July 29, 2011, at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas.

HDNet officials just recently announced the bout even though the event is just less than three weeks away.

Lashley is back for the first time since his March win over John Ott, in which he was taken the distance and nearly finished by a glorified middleweight.

Bobby is still young in his career at just seven fights but that's a steep curve. And while Sanchez may not be a wrecking machine, he's absolutely a big jump up in competition.

Sanchez will make his debut with Titan FC having lost his last two fights (Neil Grove, Mike Whitehead) with Bellator and Pure Fighting Championships, respectively.

"The Manic Hispanic" has done well for himself when he hasn't been in against better competition and I think we can all agree, it would be a stretch to call Lashley anything close to that.

The wonderful world of regional MMA.

Titan FC 19 will go down July 29 in Kansas City and feature Lashley vs. Sanchez in the main event. Also booked for the card are match-ups pitting Rob Kimmons vs. Bubba McDaniel and James Krause vs. Alonzo Martinez.



Chris Leben > Prime Wanderlei - Sanchez gonna beat his ass <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

"Former WWE "superstar" and wannabe mixed martial artist"

I'm getting a little sick of these "MMA journalists" that are just glorified MySpace bloggers (or whatever you kids do).

Why is OK to call him a "wannabe?"

What's your MMA record Gene Mrosko?

Do journalists start Twitter wars in other sports like MMA "reporters" do?

Maybe show some respect. Journalists should REPORT the news, not try to include themselves in it.

End rant.

Predict a Lashley win under dubious circumstances. If I'm not right this is a terrible comeback fight Phone Post

 Lashley by savage beatdown en route to the UFC.

I see Eddie Sanchez at Hennesey's in Carlsbad when watching UFC fights all the time. in the UFC, he got fed to a lion in Crocop, but he is a great fighter.

I got to go with the MMA veteran over WWE star anyday!

War Sanchez!

what has eddie sanchez been doing the past year or 2?

sanchez is going to fuck up lashely.

Eddie is actually a decent fighter, hopefully he kicks his ass.

What a horribly written, disrespectful article. Good luck Eddie! Phone Post

I like Sanchez, his fight with Hardonk was one of the best Heavyweight fights Ive seen. If hes in the fight mentally he will beat Lashley.

 Bobby is ready I saw him at the gym the other day. His mind is right he will be ready to fight.

Gabkicks - what has eddie sanchez been doing the past year or 2?

He was in the Bellator HW tourney I believe he won 1 or 2 fights there iirc.

fabes -  What a horribly written, disrespectful article. Good luck Eddie! Phone Post

 Seriously, what the fuck was that?  Really, really disrespectful.  What has Lashley done to piss anyone off?  Be famous?  Not be Brock Lesnar?

Eddie by murder!!!

Eddie is going to knock Lashley out! Phone Post

 I hope Sanchez wins but we all know Lashley gonna lay n pray, like always...

 "The journalistic integrity of MMA is sub-human level....."


Below moneran and slightly above "Eagles fans"