Eddies Girlfriend: MMA celebrity

I heard it was Paula Romero.


Wow...people care about this?? LMAO

If its Rachelle i'm jealous - if its anyone else, don't really care.

Paris is hooked up with matt leinart. Somebody's gonna know who it is.

I think she posts here as Saucy something or other.

what about that hot ass blonde who used to do the ufc's?she was on fsn too i think

Dennis Rodman That would explain alot about the advice given to Eddie about hair and makeup.

Kyra Gracie...just to stick it to Royler, so to speak.

Bravos gf is Shelbey Walker.

its the PrideFC announcer.


Dog Chapman's soon to be ex wife is funniest.

All I can say is this 'girl' had to be in it for some expected financial gain because dude - have you looked at eddie? Come on man...dude fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

It's not Amber. Shes dateing The the guy from the Xyience Training Center myspace.com/johnwood13

If he's with Rachelle, I would be even more impressed by that than triangling Royler.

whos the real bitchy one? of the ring gurls i mean


are you secretly Amber, creating an account to defend your honor? hmmmm?

No I'm not Amber you can check out myspace for proof myspace.com/52548330

Whoa, Sadie, you're just as hot as Amber! :)

to guys who prefer blondes, I'm sure you're hotter than her ;)

post some naked pix on tapout, please :)

LOL.Thank you. I didn't know they had naked pics on tapout....