Eddies MMA Guard in Tait Fight

I noticed every time Tait used Mission control or Newyork he was safe and doing well but he forgot to go to the overhook from there as Eddie suggests.

That was one fight where I was yelling at the tv pull guard your winning there also when Tait took his back I was waiting for the twister bannana split or calve crank.

Good fight from both guys

cool to see the new shit showing up in MMA fights

I only saw him pull rubberguard once in the fight and didn't really notice New York. Regardless, you are right--he was untouched when in that position (strike wise). It is an excellent defensive position. If only he had been able to trap the arm, he might still be on the show!

His use of the mashed potato was pure gravy and when he did the hokey pokey he turned Josh all around.

wtf is mission control and Newyork??

lol-buy the bravo book and u will know! ;)

i gotta say that book is pretty sweet, especially if you have flexible joints.

what's the name of this book?

what is the name?

no, if ur a sucker if ud pay the $15 when u can just d/l for free, LOL! He's already got plenty of money anyways.

That's right, Eddie is a multimillionaire. Moron.

Eddie Bravo's Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed... come on cheap fuckers... It's less than $12

I heard that Eddie is working on book number two, and it's even better. Go out and support your local BJJ guys and fighters.  The more you support them, then the more they will make good books like this. It has really helped my half guard game, and dollar for dollar the best jiu-jitsu book that I have.

Tait did an excellent job working toward various submissions...

...BUT, as a 'friday-morning quarterback' the one key thing for him was the ability to take his time to set up the various moves.  It seemed like he tucked the arm to 'hip-up' for the triangle a couple of times, but it seemed like he was trying to rush to get them or rush into something period.

It's always easier to critique with replay, rewind, record, etc...

it's all about learning and the reps...

...keep up your momentum Tait...great job...


"That's right, Eddie is a multimillionaire. Moron"

his net worth is ? i dont think so

I would recommend you actually buy the book.

Its not too pricey and is a quality BJJ book with some innovative moves.

Tait's guard was good enough to prevent him gettin smashed to bits. At the TUF level that seems good enough to me.

Couple more months and Tait will be ready for Fedor IMO.

IMO, Tait would have done much better on Team Ortiz.

ttb for Kenny

i forgot that aki trained with the eddie at the machados