Eddie's promo last night

Half way through that i was like
"how long?"

But man he finished that strong, hell of a promo.

Brock was funny as shit last night.


I for see him winning at this PPV,then at WM20,it'll be Brocl and Goldfag.

At the next Smackdown PPV,I think they will have had enough time to build up Lesnar/Guerrero.

this is the last one before WM isn't it, cos it'll be a Raw one next and then WM.

I'm not sure they will give him the strap. Think Goldberg and Brock will befor the strap.

I'd love it if they did give him the strap though.

but eddie is genuinely popular

I missed it last night, I worked way too long. =(

"Eddie, come on man. Those guys had to swim a hell of a long way to play here!"

I about spit out my drink in laughter at that scene. Overall, between the Eddie/Brock promo, the Jorge Paez scene with Chavo, and others, this had to be one of the best Smackdowns in a while. Had me laughing my ass off at some of the comedy bits, and still loving most of the matches (although I can do without Haas and Benjamin every week)

Brock can never be in Kurt's league as a heel, no one can. Why? Because no one else can have 18 thousand fans screaming "YOU SUCK!" in time to your music (although "DIE ROCKY DIE!" was pretty damn close)

LOL!!! Just saw it last night, that shit was waaaaaaaaay too long.