Eddy Rolon Poisoned!

Typed 7:30PM Dec 3rd 2006 by Eddy Rolon

Dec 2nd 2006 as best I remember

 Woke up at 7AM with a light case of the runs after 4 hours of continous sleep. My wife and I have a less than one month old baby so that is a good night's sleep.I ate a plain waffle. I drank a 16oz cup of water and a 6oz can of pineapple juice. I left Rutherford for the tournament in Rahway at 8:30 AM short stop in Lodi to have another referee follow me. I arrived at the tournament at 9:30AM. I had eaten one Kellogs Cereal Bar during the ride and another when I arrived. I also drank a little more than half of a 20oz Poland Spring along the way.

 I assisted with the tournament until about 5:30PM mostly as a referee. I was active and feeling good. Playing with some of the kids (juggling, cartwheels, handstands, headspins(ugly) and playing catch between matches waiting for the next bracket or allowing competitors time to rest before the were up to compete again. I ate 4 more of the Kellogs cereal bars and I drank the rest of my 20oz water and at least 3(probably 4) 16.9 oz Poland Spring that the tournament had provided during this time . I used the bathroom twice at the facility the runs had all but gone away during my last trip at about 5:30. I was feeling good rested and was warmed up and ready to go. I sipped at one last 16.9oz water while I warmed up for the Absolute.  About a half hour before my match I ate one more cereal bar and hoestly about two spoonfuls of white rice.

  My match started at around 6:15 or so. I felt strong and confident for about 10 seconds. I started to get tingling sensations at the tips my fingers on both hands, both lips, right side of my forhead, and right foot. In over 170 matches of grappling, MMA, Shootfighting and other combat sports  I never felt this sensation. Even during the thousands of hours of training since 1998 and previous competition in football, swimming, track or any physically demanding activity I have never felt pins and needles. My arms were feeling weakest of all followed by my legs but even my back muscles felt weak. This felt different than fatigue, it was not anxiety and certainly not cramping. It was a combined numbness and loss of strength that I have never expierenced before. During the 10 minute round I barely was able to keep myself safe from submission. The attempts I had made to counter and reverse were weak and largely ineffective. I tried to pull off some sneaky submissions that relied very little on strength but found those techniques just fell apart. At about half-way through the match began 5-15 seconds waves of nasuea with about 30 seconds of relative relief. I think I lost 8-0.

 Almost directly after the match, I went towards the bathrooms and only just made it to a garbage can in the hall to vomit. I still felt weak, my heartrate was high and the tingling and numbness was worse than during the match. Right arm twice as tingly as any other spot. The lips, forhead and other arm tie for second.  I sat down and finished my water to see if I could start feeling OK again. After about 10 minutes I didn't improve. I noticed my right hand had begun to shake as I was eating my last cereal bar. I found the EMT and asked him to check me out. 10 minutes or more after my match my heartrate was 131 blood pressure 141/80. He asked about eating and hydrating during the day and if I was used to the physical activity I had performed today. My eating and hydrating were less than ideal but I've performed much better under much worse conditions. About 10 minutes later he checked me out again heartrate 120 bp 125/80. The hand tremor subsided but the pins and needles feeling were still there. The EMT said to get checked out if it didn't completely go away but it was a good sign the numbers were going in the right direction. He made sure I wasn't driving alone. I decided it must have been a combination of low blood sugar that day and not enough sleep over the last couple of weeks.

I had dinner with some friends at a nearby diner. The numbness was less but the tingling was still present after I had eaten some beef barley soup, chicken and a brownie at 8:15PM. I got home at 8:45PM. I devoured half a meatball parm and a small plate of pasta at 11:30PM and was in bed asleep by 1AM. The tingling never stopped. The naseua obviously subsided quite a bit. No diarrhea.

Dec 3rd 2006 a.k.a today

I woke today up and still had tingling and just slightly naseus.

I've done Internet research. Uh-oh. So after ruling out bad shelffish food poisoning.
The Internet almost has me convinced that I have been poisoned. First Vitor now me :) The poison?

Tetrahydrozoline (Murine, Visine).   I'm not an alarmist or the paranoid type, however this was a different enough feeling to make me approach the EMT, the movie Wedding Crashers and

apparently an episode of CSI has people thinking that this is harmless way to give someone a quick acting laxative. It might not just give diarrhea.



Tetrahydrozoline is a derivative of imidazoline, which is found in over-the counter-eye drops and

nasal sprays. Other derivatives include naphazoline, oxymetazoline, and xylometazoline. Poisoning can result from an overdose.

Symptoms & Signs

body as a whole
low temperature
difficulty breathing
no breathing
eyes, ears, nose, and throat
constricted or dilated pupils
blurred vision
blue lips and fingernails
nausea and/or vomiting
heart and blood vessels
rapid heartbeat
elevated blood pressure (initially)
low blood pressure (later)
nervous system


I called Poison Control and was told that chemical would probably take effect sometime after 15 minutes.  I had left my water unattended all day just ripping a little of the label to recognize it. She (Poison Control) suggested I call the police if I think someone maliciously put something in my drink. I have no suspects I didn't see or taste anything. I arrived at this theoretical conclusion from symptoms to possible diagnosis. I didn't even consider that  I hope it was a practical joke gone wrong or random mischief. According to the Internet I should be fine since 24 hours have passes and I have been improving. Finger tingling is all but gone now at 7PM. Resting heartrate is 54 - 60 bpm. I'll elevate my heartrate over 140 for 10 minutes tommorow and check how long it takes me to get back under 100.

Anyone else have advice?  Besides a psychiatric appointment ...