Eden Ring's combat has been surpassed by Ragnarok. Behold the incredible deep combat & combo system of Ragnarok PS5:

God of war combat looks pretty but lands flat and weak compared to the heavy and solid visceral feel of combat in elden ring/souls games. Its like star wars vs saving private ryan. Ill take the latter all day long.

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Now I don’t respect you for backing down.

:wink: fast editor you

Im not an internet 40 year old virgin like you are, whos intent on “winning an internet argument” like you are lol

I really dont care about the opinions you have persay. Youre just my dancing show monkey for my entertainment !

But it does say more about how miserable you are! “I must win the internets at all costs”

And how insincere you are when it comes to Ragnorak

I already knew that which is why im abusing you and trolling you🤣

But Hitler could make a good and I would still acknowledge that. Its not a big deal

This again just shows how much of a loser you are taking the internet this seriously!

You sound sincere about Sekiro and Ghost>>>Sekiro, so i will agree and leave it at that.

I dont care enough about your opinion to engage seriously with you

Im simply only abusing you and trolling you for your insincerity regarding Ragnorak and your completely wrong opinion Elden Ring (Elden Ring has shit combat. Ragnorak is far superior)

Have a good day:)

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Nice, reposted it. It was a joke, homie. LOL what a vagina. That was the absolute best response I have ever gotten to saying that to a person.

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Youre a fucking troll. Youve never played the game

Go read up on the responses in this thread

Combat in Ragnarok hits like a fucking frieght train! Even the R1 light attacks will feel like heavy blows which register with flawless hit detection causing enemies to react and stagger accordingly while sending vibrations on the Dualsense. Its the best feeling combat in gaming history. Nothing comes close to it. Especially when you throw the axe and call the axe back and it smacks back into your hands with a camera shake and vibration!

By comparison combat in Elden Ring feels like weak kindergarden blows from a paper toy sword. Its laughable how much worse Elden Ring’s combat is, on a player level, impact level etc

Here is how you know people like you have never even touched Ragnarok.

Ragnarok requires lots of skill, precise inputs and combos with R1 and R2, plus holding Triangle to modify the attacks or adding runes to it. The ability to switch between the blades, axe, and spear at will, midcombo, is even more badass and adds a ton of depth, and requires immense skill and precise inputs - not to mention the whole meta around Ragnarok’s evasion mechanics and sheild blocks and parry mechanics

Ragnarok has deep fucking combat and its the best combat Ive ever played

You antiPlaystation console warrior phaggot trolls are a joke, a cancer, and have clearly never played Ragnarok

Elden Ring is so shit by comparison with its preschool level hit detection and impact of a foam toy. In Elden Ring you can win by just spamming rolls and magic alone for crying out loud. Elden Ring is shit and is Fromsoftware’s worst game by far @TheVandalz

Best fucking combat ever, without doubt, and its not even close

@turducken probably smokes crack cocain as a hobby. Or hes been smoking Phil Spencer’s little pecker and is dusionally high off xbox corporate dick

What a nerd. You can like whatever videogames you like, I couldnt care less. I got bored of the last god of war and never finished it. It had the same bs hype of “awesome” and “weighty” combat, which is just a bunch of crap when compared to souls games.

Ragnarok is more of the same. Which isnt a bad thing if that’s what you like. For me, the previous god of war game just didnt hold my interest at all, and playing a few mins of ragnarok felt basically the same, in the same way combat in elden ring feels similar to combat in dark souls games.

Im just going to keep PROVING WHY Ragnarok has the best combat ever!

Unlike the trolls who cant prove or even back up their shitty wrong "opinions’

This shit is bananas!

Anyone saying its just “visceral” is a clown whos never actually played it with a controller in hand cough @turducken @TheVandalz lmao

I would never buy an xbox and use their gamepass bullshit to support bill gates and the WEFs push for everyone to “own nothing and be happy.”

PS5 controller is also far superior. But god of war is one of the most overrated games of all time.

Why @ me? You already lost all of my respect in every way. I like GoW too, hi five.

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So the loudest voice against Ragnarok has never even played Ragnorak! You must be a liberal with your “behavior”

Bro youre a joke

You know you cant be taken seriously. You arent even worthy enough to engage in this discussion with your extreme ignorance on this topic

I bet youve done nothing but watch a few youtube playthroughs of it, and now you think you know what its like to actually play it lmao🤡

Elden Ring combat is such a weak pathetic joke compared to this

God of war features an indigenous woman of color and was designed by a lot of corporate woke game developers in California so it makes sense that it would appeal to brainwashed retards who would spend time defending it on the internet.

I’ll stick to skill and gameplay focused games developed by apolitical videogame purists.

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You just admitted you never even played the game yet youre speaking this loud about something youve never played…yeeah, totally seems legit…NOT

Does this level of insanity even register in your tiby little brain emcased in your thick skull, phaggot?

The only one acting like a liberal bitch made snowfalke phaggot IS YOU…by speaking so arrogantly on something youre insanely ignorant about…something youve never even played…thats what liberals do…hence YOURE a liberal pink dyed haired phaggot-thats what all of you Playstation haters look like lmao

Because if you had actually played the game you would see that Ragnorak is the furthest thing from woke. Lol silly phaggot!

The way you just assume things to be without any evidence or having a clue, is what liberals do…hence youre a liberal phaggot making assumptions based on your own deluded false notions and preconceptions!

Get outside your rotten brain and think for once yoy xbot phaggot clown!

[quote=“turducken, post:54, topic:3779641”]
I’ll stick to skill and gameplay focused games[/quote]

Than you would stick with Ragnorak!

But clearly you arent sincere

Youre just a worthless anonymous online liberal xbox shilling snowflake phaggot in your feelings

THIS IS the eiptome of skill and gameplay focused

Delusional clown. Everyone else can see it and is laughing at you

Which is exactly what Ragnorak is and why Ragnorak is my game of the generation!

Xbox is shit. I own a ps4 and a ps5.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I find god of war uninteresting to play. The combat is just boring compared to elden ring.

Cant beat GOW for the sheer ultra violence and rewarding boss fights/kills imo

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