Edgar 'definitely annoyed' at Mendes' shot

Big Pookie -
Edgar vs Mendes

Not really rocket science. Wtf is Joe Silva is waiting for?
Jose Aldo to walk into the Octagon. Phone Post 3.0

For later Phone Post 3.0

Spinning Shit - 
Jimmy Wrassler -
Spinning Shit - When, "I haven't lost to him as many times as the other guy" is the crux of your argument, I just can't find the will to care about the "injustice". Phone Post 3.0

Mendes fought Aldo 9 months ago and has one win since. Hes also lost to Aldo twice.

Frankie fought Aldo a year and a half ago with 4 wins since and only lost to Aldo once.

Anymore "logic" youd like to use justifying this match?

Edgar benefited from the same bullshit matchmaking when he got a title fight against Aldo after his previous 4 fights went (in order) draw, win, loss, loss. Oddly enough he didn't give a shit about what was fair back then, yet now some great injustice has occurred because he got line jumped.

If he didn't care or find anything so egregiously unfair that he refused the fight because he hadn't earned it when he got Lamas' spot, why the fuck should I care when Mendes jumped him? Phone Post 3.0

Your logic will not be tolerated here! Don't you realize you are on the UG?!?

ZOMG - he's annoyed. This GREAT MMA news - it's about someone's feelings!!