Edgar: Diaz will be hard to deal with

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                                Edgar: Diaz will be hard to deal with

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“If Nate would need my help or would ask for my help, I would love to help him out. We got some work in last time that was really good. If I could help him out, of course I would,” said Edgar in an interview on Sherdog Radio.

As far as how he sees the bout unfolding given his knowledge of both parties, Edgar stopped short of making an actual pick but acknowledged the challenge Henderson is in for later this year.

“I just think that Nate comes forward so much, I don’t know how Ben will deal with that…Nate’s length,” stated Edgar, adding, “He’s got great, great jiu-jitsu. I feel the wrestling edge will probably go to Ben, but if you look at Nate’s last performances, he’s gotten so good everywhere. He fought Jim Miller, and Jim Miller couldn’t take him down. Jim Miller’s a pretty high-level wrestler too. I think Nate’s definitely a great match-up for Ben.”

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"I don't know how Ben will deal with it... Nate's length" was the highlight of that Phone Post

I have Nate getting the win in this fight via better cardio/pace/boxing/JJ. Phone Post

Nate is a better fighter than Henderson.  New champ - 209!

Nate will stockton slap bendo Phone Post

I have no clue how this one will play out but I think it will be fight of the year. Go Benson. Phone Post

 Big fan of Bendo, but Nate is a bad style match up for anyone with sub par head and foot movement.  Yes Ben can kick but he would have to throw over 30 kicks a round to keep Nate's hands off him.  

Frankie would match up better against the Diaz style because of his lateral movement.



"Frankie would match up better against the Diaz style because of his lateral movement."

Well said, if Bendo stands in front of Diaz and try's to strike with him it will be all Diaz. Frankie's lateral movement would prove to be much more difficult for Nate to deal with. If Bendo try's to take this to the ground and he succeeds I think Nate is more dangerous from his back than Bendo is on top taking chances. I keep watching fights from these two and Nate has stepped up his game considerably the past few fights, I thought Bendo lost to Edgar and I really haven't seen anything from him that I think Nate won't be able to deal with. Super pumped for this one, been following Nate's career since day one, he's come a long way and win or lose never lost his focus, just kept grinding away, it would be nice to see him get the belt. Phone Post

 Jim Miller is a great wrestler but Bendo man handled him...    Nate crushed him as well.

On paper Nate vs Bendo should be an epic fight.  I think Nate will just be too much for a 5 round fight.  someone who keeps moving forward is very hard to deal with... especially with his improved hands and always dangerous jits.


Nate has looked better than Nick in his last 3 outings.

ben will take him down and stay on top for 5 rounds. diaz has great sweeps and submissions since he's active off his back but ben has good enough submission defense and is a pretty solid grappler himself. if diaz can stuff takedowns, it'll be interesting.

Nate will set a new record for strikes total in a fight. Ben is hard too beat but can lose too a really good striker Phone Post

Nate's trash talking is one of his best attributes imo. He was able to take Cowboy completely out of his game. He utilizes the trash talking way better than his brother. Nick does it out of frustration. Nate utilizes it more smartly imo.

I believe Nate will win this fight. He has improved immensely with his last three fights, and strikes me as more disciplined than his brother.

Bendo takes this imo.

War Diaz Bros. (4 life)

The champ will successfully defend his belt

 Edgar is the man. Diaz will bitchslap Benson. 

 Nate will lose this title fight to Bendo imo ....... Nate is definitely at a disadvantage right across the board and I neve buy into the Zuffa hype machine. This fight will go the distance with Bendo wining by UD.

Nate's gameplan will be to drop him with punches then sink in a choke. Might have to apply a double or even a triple submission just to make sure.