Edgar/Maynard = Leonard/Hearns

I don't know what the fuck people are bitching about. I am absolutely hyped for this one. How often do two technical speed demons go at it in their primes?

LOL @ comparing a guy who moves in and out on his feet like a squirrel on a coke binge while not landing too much versus one of the absolute most boring fighters on the planet who has no interest in passing guard or finishing fights to LEONARD-HEARNS.

but still hope to see Frankie win


 It is like Leonard / Hearns

Only opposite.

donniejessup - oh those crazy boxing trolls! Do you take your orders from Jizzback?

The only thing dummer that the OP's analogy is this post^^^^^^^

This guy is an anti-boxing troll. No moderate boxing fan in his right mind would insult their beloved sport with this ridiculous comparison. You are as dumb as a sack of hammers for insinuating such a thing.

Ruiz's fight against Haye was pretty good Phone Post

LOL at comparing this fight to agrueablly one of the greatest boxing matches ever

LOL more like the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Maynard is going to fall asleep on Frankie and win by boring decision.