edible question

when making edibles is it crucial to decarb your bud before making the butter or using it in edibles in general??

a friend has made the butter with out decarb-ing it before and it didn't seem to work well at least for me.

Yes decarbing is essential and you will get s much better product. Phone Post 3.0

Decarbing is a must. The more time you decarb the more from the bud you activate..the best way is at low temp for longer (there are exact temperatures for each strain for optimal decarb).

It's definitely more potent this way.

What is decarbing? Phone Post 3.0

Shinsplint - What is decarbing? Phone Post 3.0


Its removing the carboxyl group from the compound. (carbon gets removed from the carbon chain, turning THCA to THC )

The reason why you smoke a joint and you get high is also this. But, decarboxylation is not combustion.