Edibles have shown me the real covid conspiracy theory

Public health officials are clearly aware of this risk. What if THEY know that mass vaccination with these extremely leaky vaccines is spurring on the development of new variants and that as that paper suggests, a super deadly variant may emerge. What if that is the ultimate goal?

Anyone who is not vaccinated will be wiped out, and everyone who is vaccinated will be forced to keep up to date with their boosters to avoid being left unprotected against the now super virus that vaccination drove into existence.

Who remains unvaccinated? Largely the 3rd world and poor people in developing nations. Who contributes most to population growth and least to world progress and are therefore the most expendable to the elites? Poor people in developing nations.

So they get to kill a few hundred million/billion less useful people AND sell a fuckload of vaccines while at the same time using vaccination programs as a means of tracking and controlling the movement of people.

This makes a lot more sense to me than the vaccines being some kind of kill shot that THEY want to use to kill off a bunch of doctors and other rich people in 1st world countries.

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Damn…. I ate a 20 mg gummy and watched Rick & Morty last night


If you think they’re going to stop at “poor people in developing nations” and leave welfare Americans alive to twerk on innocent geese in the streets, you’re in for a surprise.

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Poor Americans aren’t getting vaccinated so the theory holds

20mg and Rick and Morty is a perfect combo

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This guy gets it