Editing a docu on prison ministry

I'm curently working on a documentary of a prison ministry program where inmates children were brought in one day to praticipate in games and activities centered around Jesus. There's lots of good footage both sombere and uplifting. I'm looking for good soundtrack ideas. I've thought about using tracks from Insomnia (the movie - Robin Williams & Al Pacino) and stuff like NIN and such for the darker scenes. Any ideas on these scenes and the happier stuff?

This will be the first project that I use the Magic Bullet software to alter the color of the scenes. I'm planning to use the blue shade and the brighter shade for effect purposes.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Have you sought out the rights on that music? Always look into
securing rights before making final decisions otherwise you might get
disappointed. No one will touch it if you haven't secured those.

I will get rights before using anything.

I figured you would. Just thougth that I would toss it out there. I see
quite a few people forget this and end up chasing rights for a long
time and sometimes never getting them.

The project is coming along nicely. I think this something I will continue to pursue.

This has been a rewarding experience (especially being a father myself). I would definately like to do the filming myself next time.