Editorial on Terrorism

This editorial was sent to me by a friend, its not mine, its very very provocative. It will offend some, but read it and reflect, if you want to post, post thoughts, positions, if you are offended by it, dont bother posting here, but please just reflect. My position should be obvious.

My sister, who lives in NYC, she just called me crying, she cant leave the city, her son is uncharacteristically low [wonder why?] there are no rental cars to leave, no planes, the bridges are closed again, every 12 minutes theres a bombscare somewhere....4 frinds of hers were on the plane that hit tower 2....

Read the editorial then reflect:

Fred Reed's musings...

> >
> > The World Trade Center

> > The Price Of Pansyhood

> >
> > A few unorganized thoughts regarding the events in New York:

> >
> > (1) We lost. Our moral posturing about our degradation is merely embarrassing. We have been made fools of, expertly and calculatedly, in the greatest military defeat the country has suffered since we fled from Viet Nam. The Moslem world is laughing and dancing in the streets. The rest of the earth, while often sympathetic, sees us as the weak and helpless nation that we are.

> >
> > The casualty figures aren't in, but 10,000 dead seems reasonable, and we wring our hands and speak of grief therapy.

> >
> > We lost.

> >
> > (2) We cannot stop it from happening again. Thousands of aircraft constantly use O'Hare, a few minutes flying time from the Sears Tower.

> >
> > (3) Our politicians and talking heads speak of "a cowardly act of terrorism." It was neither cowardly nor, I think, terrorism. Hijacking an aircraft and driving it into a building isn't cowardly. Would you do it?

> > It requires great courage and dedication -- which our enemies have, and we do not. One may mince words, but to me the attack looked like an act of war.

> > Not having bombing craft of their own, they used ours. When we bombed Hanoi and Hamburg, was that terrorism?

> >
> > (4) The attack was beautifully conceived and executed. These guys are good.

> > They were clearly looking to inflict the maximum humiliation on the United States, in the most visible way possible, and they did. The sight of those two towers collapsing will leave nobody's mind. If we do nothing of importance in return, and it is my guess that we won't, the entire earth will see that we are a nation of epicenes. Silly cruise-missile attacks on Afghanistan will just heighten the indignity.

> >
> > (5) In watching the coverage, I was struck by the tone of passive acquiescence. Not once, in hours of listening, did I hear anyone express anger. No one said, coldly but in deadly seriousness, "People are going to die for this, a whole lot of people." There was talk of tracking down bin Laden and bringing him to justice. "Terrorism experts" spoke of months of investigation to find who was responsible, which means we will do nothing.

> > Blonde bimbos babbled of coping strategies and counseling and how our children needed support. There was no talk of retaliation.

> >
> > (6) The Israelis, when hit, hit back. They hit back hard. But Israel is run by men. We are run by women. Perhaps two-thirds of the newscasters were blonde drones who spoke of the attack over and over as a tragedy, as though it had been an unusually bad storm -- unfortunate, but inevitable, and now we must get on with our lives. The experts and politicians, nominally male, were effeminate and soft little things. When a feminized society runs up against male enemies -- and bin Laden, whatever else he is, is a man -- it loses. We have.

> >

Part 1 - continued next post...

> > (7) We haven't conceded that the Moslem world is our enemy, nor that we are at war. We see each defeat and humiliation in isolation, as a unique incident unrelated to anything else. The 241 Marines killed by the truck bomb in Beirut, the extended humiliation of the hostages taken by Iran, the war with Iraq, the bombing of the Cole, the destruction of the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the devastation of the Starke, the Saudi barracks, the dropping of airliner after airliner -- these we see as anecdotes, like pileups of cars on a snowy road. They see these things as war.

> >
> > We face an enemy more intelligent than we are.

> >
> > (8) We think we are a superpower. Actually we are not, except in the useless sense of having nuclear weapons. We could win an air war with almost anyone,
> > yes, or a naval war in mid-Pacific. Few Americans realize how small our forces are today, how demoralized and weakened by social experimentation. If we had to fight a ground war in terrain with cover, a war in which we would take casualties, we would lose.

> >
> > (9) I have heard some grrr-woofwoofery about how we should invade Afghanistan and teach those ragheads a lesson. Has anyone noticed where Afghanistan is? How would we get there? Across Pakistan, a Moslem country?

> > Or through India? Do we suppose Iran would give us overflight rights to bomb another Moslem country? Or will our supply lines go across Russia through
> > Turkmenistan? Do we imagine that we have the airlift or sealift? What effect do we think bombing might have on Afghanistan, a country that is essentially rubble to begin with?

> >
> > We backed out of Somalia, a Moslem country, when a couple of GIs got killed and dragged through the streets on TV. Afghans are not pansies. They whipped
> > the Russians. Our sensitive and socially-conscious troops would curl up in balls.

> >
> > (10) To win against a more powerful enemy, one forces him to fight a kind of war for which he isn't prepared. Iraq lost the Gulf War because it fought
> > exactly the kind of war in which American forces are unbeatable: Hussein played to his weaknesses and our strengths. The Vietnamese did the opposite.
> > They defeated us by fighting a guerrilla war that didn't give us anything to hit. They understood us. We didn't understand them.

> >
> > The Moslem world is doing the same thing. Because their troops, or terrorists as we call them, are not sponsored by a country, we don't know who to hit. Note that Yasser Arafat, bin Laden, and the Taliban are all denying any part in the destruction of New York. At best, we might, with our creaky intelligence apparatus, find Laden and kill him. It's not worth
> > doing: Not only would he have defeated America as nobody ever has, but he would then be a martyr. Face it: The Arabs are smarter than we are.

> >
> > (11) We are militarily weak because we have done what we usually do: If no enemy is immediately in sight, we cut our forces to the bone, stop most R&D,
> > and focus chiefly on sensitivity training about homosexuals. When we need a military, we don't have one. Then we are inutterably surprised.

> >
> > (12) The only way we could save any dignity and respect in the world be to hit back so hard as to make teeth rattle around the world. A good approach
> > would be to have NSA fabricate intercepts proving that Libya was responsible, mobilize nationally, invade, and make Libya permanently a US colony. Most Arab countries are militarily helpless, and that is the only kind our forces could defeat. Doing this, doing anything other than whimpering, would require that ancient military virtue known as "balls."

> > Does Katie Couric have them?
> >
> > ©Fred Reed 2001. All rights reserved

The writer may be right in his analysis. But I hope beyond hope that perhaps someone like Richard Marcinko is in charge of the counter-terrorist units we possess and is plotting to do some serious covert damage on these guys.

We can send all the cruise missles we want, but that doesn't confirm that we got the individuals who are waging war against us. We need to get up close and personal and visually verify that we got who we were after.

We've got the technology to find them. We've got the most sophisticated equipment. We've got the elite units who train daily to take these kinds of people out. They have the ability to covertly infiltrate by land, sea, and air, so hopefully the terrorists will never see them coming.

The only question is, do we have the will to do what it takes to eliminate the threat? I believe we do. I hope I'm right.

The writer is very emotional, I agree we are weak right now and we let this happen but it gets a little carried away at the end, with Arabs being smarter and we should attack weak opponents, maybe the writer is just trying to push are buttons and piss us off which I don't blame him for doing. We will get revenge, if killing enough people can do that but we already lost this one - We do have to toughen up and NEVER let this happen again, No more money on mars probes that crash, spend it all on Intelligence and Defense! - We will be the strongest again!

I hope that we can use our hammers of justice to bring these bastards to their knees, bleeding and begging for their lives...

Strength & Honor to all the rescuers and to the soldiers who will find the "balls" to kick ass.

Naso Karas

Very hard to read....not the right time to be open minded about a tragedy we are still in the middle of.







Many of you were offended by Fred Reed's letter. Ok, Im usually considered to be pretty lucid...wHy did I post it here?

But before you answer, read this letter my sister forwarded this to me today, it is not from Fred Reed, but a young New Yorker, male, mid-twenties, he is living this, not watching it. POnder his words. Then ask yourself how different his message is from Reed.



Some Simple Thoughts of a New Yorker

As I sit here, I am not sure any of the events of September 11th, 2001 have really set in yet. I am kind of numb. This is a feeling that is shared by most Americans, especially those in the New York/Metropolitan area. If there is a feeling that I can find within me, its anger. No matter what
government officials tell me, I can't help but be angry. We as New Yorkers have always had this sense that we are untouchable. We have grown up as the
citizens of a "World Power." We were raised to feel confident, free and invincible. Well my friends, we can now see that no one is invincible. Please
read the following thoughts that I am sure are shared by most of you.

To Our Government - I can't help but feel that you failed us. You did not fail us on this horrible day. You failed us on the days leading up to these
events. We have allowed these fanatic Islamic groups in the Middle East to take advantage of us for as long as I can remember. I am a young American in his mid-twenties and I cannot find it acceptable that the world's richest and most powerful country allowed these anti-American extremists to get away with
what they have. This started in the 80's with Libya and Quadafi. It continued with many incidents from Saddam Hussein in Iraq. It continues today with
Osama bin Laden and these Islamic militant groups. These people should not be on this earth today. After these events, I wonder if there is such thing as a
"World Power." To our current leaders, I am interested to see your reaction.

We are a country that spends Trillions of dollars in aid to other countries, yet we have poor and sick people in our own country that we do not help. I
see my neighbors struggle to make it through a day, yet I see foreigners, in Armani clothing and fur coats paying at supermarkets with Government issued
Food Stamps. These same countries that we "help" are the countries that burn our flags and celebrate in their streets at the cost of American lives. My
dad was born in Italy. He was never handed a dollar by our government and worked 80 hours a week to raise his children. He couldn't help but cry at the events that have occurred. That may be the finest example of what America is.

ENd Part 1, continued

For once, I want to be the one burning the other country's flag in the street. I want to be the one celebrating my country's victory. I do not want
a fake victory like the one in Desert Storm. As a Yankees fan, I have watched many parades down Broadway. The next parade I see, I want to be celebrating a victory against terrorism.

To My Fellow New Yorkers - We are living through history right now. This is a story that we are going to tell to many future generations. We need to take
this as a wake-up call. It wasn't just the Pentagon and the World Trade Center that were attacked. It was our freedom. No matter what these politicians say, we will not walk the earth carefree for years to come. Every time we hear the sounds of jet planes, we will be looking over our backs. Right or wrong, every time I see a Muslim, I will question whether or not he
is one of these fanatics hiding amongst our neighbors. Maybe these horrific attacks are really just a reminder of reality. We are NOT untouchable! As I
watch the News channels, I can't help but find the pictures that they show to look like those shown of Beirut in the 80's. I don't think we could have ever
thought that our backyard could look like that. I can't help but think of what the true definition of freedom is. I do know that fear is not freedom!

Like it or not, these events have taken away some of our freedom. We have all lost brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and family. Hopefully our
wounds will slowly heal and we can gain that freedom back. There is one thing we must do now. As a people we must stand united and make our country's leaders know that this is unacceptable. This cannot be swept under the rug like in years past. We have spent trillions of dollars on defense. Lets take some of these weapons and point them at the culprits. I don't want air attacks on barren desert lands. I want these people who act on their extreme views with violence to be made part of history just like the people who are
buried underneath the World Trade Center. I want to be the one dancing in the streets!

End PArt 2

To the People That Did This - Our politicians called you cowards. I strongly disagree. You are very sick individuals. Cowards do not hijack planes and crash them into crowded buildings. Cowards do not kill thousands of people along with themselves. I can't help but hate you like you hate myself and my fellow Americans. I hope you all burn in hell. If it were up to me, I would nail you to a cross, one by one, in Times Square and I would slowly poor salt over your wounds. Those feelings are shared by most of my neighbors. Your actions will not solve the problems in your land. In fact you may have made them worse. You have brought hatred upon many innocent Muslims. I do not condone the actions of Israel or any other country against your people, but what you have done here can not be justified. You have basically stabbed millions of unarmed people in the back by killing their loved ones. The people in the World Trade Center didn't know you and did nothing to harm you. All you did was make them martyrs and saints. You have weakened us momentarily, BUT, I want you to know that we will build a bigger World Trade Center and we will celebrate the lives of those whom you have killed.

Right now your celebrating in the streets. Enjoy your last dance, because the music will soon be silenced.

I apologize for spelling and grammatical errors. I am not a writer. I am a proud, yet sad and angry citizen of the United States. I think what I have
wrote is a short summary of what we, in New York, feel at this moment. As we sit here, glued to the TV, we can only pray for the families and friends lost in this new type of war that we have been forcefully dragged into. We can now only have our thoughts with the thousands of rescue workers at ground zero.

May they return safely with many survivors from this disaster. I speak here speak here representing the views of many New Yorkers. I know some of you share these thoughts. May God bless all of us.


End of his letter

So many of you were offended by Fred Reed's letter.

You thought the timing ill or his position or comments ludicrous...WHy did I post it here? Any thoughts? And how different was the young New Yorkers letter?

Before you answer,consider these facts:

I teach law enforcement and miltary full time. Most of the people I know are in these communties.

Four years ago I developed a custom close quarter program for the FEDERAL AIR MARSHALS, 3 years ago I was contracted by American Airlines to teach 'conflict resolution', I have taught three times at ALPA conferences [the worlds largest association of airline pilots] all seminars were on confrontation management. And I was an invited speaker [the only personal defense proponent] invited to the AIR RAGE Conference in Washington DC a few years ago, in attendance was every airline, the FAM's, Senators, etc.

On top of this I fly every 2 weeks. And coincidentally, I am typing in a hotel room,in the USA, in Fayetteville, NC, specifically at Ft Bragg. I am here working, not sightseeing.

My question to those who question why this thread is up is this:

Given the above information, it should be obvious that I have a perpective, an investment, an insight, a concern and an appreciation for this arena slightly different than most. I am not here to compare fear, anger or pain, only to suggest that perhaps I didnt 'accidently' post Reeds letter.

Stay safe,

TOny Blauer





Great Editorial Tony, Mr. Reed certainly has his finger on the right button, and a very nice reply/perspective from Eric.

After eight years in the US military(three of them in military law enforcement) and now twelve years as an LEO I would like to offer my perspective.

I have watched over the years a shift in priorities. The security at military bases and airports has grown slack, sloppy and weak. This my friends, is a disease known, as Mr. Blauer so insightfully termed it several years ago, Presumed Compliance. The major symptom of which is APATHY. "It will never happen to us!"

After all the acts of terrorism against the US first abroad and now on our soil the second major symptom is still paralizing us, DENIAL, "This is not happening to us!"

Well...it is and it has been for some time now.

In today's politically correct, socially over-sensitive, "I'm OK, You're OK." society nobody wants a tough, assertive, decisive police officer around until they hear that strange noise downstairs followed by the sound of their children screaming. We have equally subjected the Armed Forces to the same "Necessary evil" status and restricted their power just because we dont want to be inconvenienced or offensive.

My job is Law ENFORCEMENT...not Law SUGGESTION or Law REQUEST. The Armed FORCES are called that for a reason. To use FORCE effectively it must be trained. To bring FORCE to bear efficiently it must be prepared. But most importantly it must be given PERMISSION to act out in our protection.

We must accept that force on several levels is part of life. Perhaps now we will ACCEPT that we are in danger and that we must FIGHT. Now is a time for enforcement, and retribution of the strongest and swiftest kind.

For any sheep that may have been offended by the Editorial or my comments I ask you this....How many cheeks do you have left to turn? Why would you want to?

Tony Torres
Va Beach, VA


"He who fights monsters....."

Some perspective:

Many of you that posted here, and others were offended by Reed's editorial. Good. There were aspects of it that should have angered you. However, not because he said it, but rather because some of it is true.

After reading and contemplating the editorial and Tony's reason for posting it, I believe that it all boils down to one word:


Tony spend 100's of days every year working with, teaching and trying to inspire real world warriors to train and live with integrity - this requires commitment.

Some officers, operators and leaders spend their lives, time and effort bettering themselves and their men for the sake of their respective missions - this requires commitment.

Others invest their time in training, family, faith and education in order to build safer, stronger and happier communities - this, too, requires commitment.

Sadly, these groups are far outnumbered by those who believe that we are entitled to a good life - forgetting those that have forever stood on the walls (wherever they may be) for the good of us all. All too often in this country that group has included those who we have chosen to lead. Now we are reaping the whirlwind...

Ultimately, I believe that one of the biggest reasons that Tony posted this editorial here was to provoke you into thinking about yourself. What do you value? Where are your commitments? What are you willing to die for? More importantly, what are you willing to live for? To what lengths will you go?

The truth is that there are those in this world whose level of commitment would shame most of us. This does not make their cause right or true. However, if we would stand against them - our commitment must loom even stronger.

It all begins with you and me.

Be Strong.


Thanks for posting Reed's letter Tony. I had forwarded it around to my email list and got a bit of negative feedback. I hope that as time goes on, everyone will understand why I left the comfort of teaching "safe" Martial Arts to studying with you, so as to bring real safety to my community. I thank you for doing everything humanly possible to make a difference in this world.

Stay Safe

Hal Pierce
PDR Team

I like the others don't disagree with what was said. I do know that after every tramatic situation the last thing anyone is truly intrested in is a frank discussion on any topic. For me it was not the right time. I understand Tony's point of view and understand that very few besides himself probably have more insight into the need for specialized and realistic training for different scenarios. It reminds me of some of the Marcinko books and how we have been vulnerable for years on foreign soil and now that terrorism is on our own turf it become the concern of the moment. Sad part is we have had our own people attacking us and doing just as much damage or more for years. Terrorism can be done through hate crimes and other assualts, I mean literally what is the difference, a belief system?

I do have a problem with what the original post. Facts excluded because I do agree with them, the writer obviously injected opinion and bias. Everyone to some degree does that with all types of debates. How else does one win another over. If it was a call to arms it was a poor position in his letter. If it was a wake up call, I think he was as late as the rest of us. I gues if it was so important to all of us we have done something. Last, A coward doesn't take the lives of others to make a point. A coward hides his military pressence in the midst of civilians and wages war on others looking for world sympathy. Like the Colen Powell said the differnce is we don't kill civillians as means of attack. We don't kill the innocent if possible. I guess if the qualifications of not being a coward is planning an attack in advance and having your buddys around while it is committed and killing as many people as possible because they don't bleieve the way you do, then I wonder if Matthew Sheppard (the young man in Wyoming that was killed for being gay) thought his attackers were brave?

Remeber this is a statement about the article not anyone writing a response on this topic. I do agree with the jist of what was said, but opinions gauge the weak.........

Good post Tony!!! Makes me think...Glad you and your family are okay. We just need to make sure that the rest of us are safe from now on, no more deaths because of foriegn policies we don't know about. Hell we trained the Taliban.


"The wonderful thing about bluntness...
is that it gauges the strong and intimidates the weak."

Tony Blauer

If nothing else, Fred Hess is blunt and to the point. His words make us feel uncomfortable because so much of what he says is absoultely true...and SO absoultely politically incorrect.

Is it too late for us? Are we too weak and effeminate to follow through with what needs to be done to stop these terrorists?

Quote: "We are militarily weak because we have done what we usually do: If no enemy is immediately in sight, we cut our forces to the bone, stop most R&D, and focus chiefly on sensitivity training about homosexuals. When we need a military, we don't have one. Then we are inutterably surprised."

Quote: "The only way we could save any dignity and respect in the world be to hit back so hard as to make teeth rattle around the world. A good approach would be to have NSA fabricate intercepts proving that Libya was responsible, mobilize nationally, invade, and make Libya permanently a US colony. Most Arab countries are militarily helpless, and that is the only kind our forces could defeat. Doing this, doing anything other than whimpering, would require that ancient military virtue known as "balls."

Are we willing to do "whatever it takes" to win this war?

The world waits for our response.

Is it really too late?


We must respond hard and effectively to this attack on our society if we wish to keep it toghether and make it stronger.
From my interpretation of Tony's Commandements of Street Survival.
Thou shalt not lose the street fight=war. We certainly lost a battle.
Thou shalt not invite disaster. We did by not ''training'' in the right way.
Thou shalt not defeat thyself. If we continu with the Bla, Bla, Bla; we will.
Thou shalt not give up!! There are subtle ways of giving up.
Thou shalt not settle for mediocrity.
Thou shalt not kill unless it is absolutely necessary. I think it is.
If this act of war is delt with properly it will make us stronger (the only ''good'' that will come out of it.)

Eric L, PDR Team member.

The following is a letter that i wrote to Mr. Blauer, early yesterday morning after reading the original posts made here;


I have just finished reading a copy of the editorial from the ME that
i printed off prior to departing to work this morning and unfortunately am
unable to get to a computer, allowing me to post a response. I am glad to
hear that everything is still all right with you and that both your sister
and nephew are not effected physically by this catastrophe. It's hard to
imagine what they must be feeling or thinking right now.

The editorial itself is a different, yet accurate spin on the events
that are currently effecting our present state as there is so much truth in
both the words of Fred Reed and the mid 20's male from New York. Much of
what I have to say will echo what Eric, Tony T. and yourself have voiced.

Having the time and option of sitting back, reviewing the events that
occurred and led up to Tuesday, as well as deciphering the information
provided through CNN, it's hard not to wonder why the Government was not
more proactive in it's measures. Again, it comes down to the "Theory of
Presumed Compliance," specifically 'Apathy' and 'Denial' as was clearly
explained by Tony T.. What really concerns me however is the 'gap-time'
presently occurring between the in-activity and the promised activity by the
Secretary of Defense and the President himself.

As we are all aware, the greater this lapse to action, the less
effective and efficient the counter. What is being afforded right now to
the Terrorists' is time...Time to hide and prepare for, or avoid the United
States' response...Time to plan and put into motion a secondary attack on a
devastated and still mourning country. They have been able to launch a
primary, nearly unflawed attack, without fear of punishment at this time
and are most likely believing that they can successfully do the same again.
It is one thing to increase security measures and delay the attack or
action from doing the intended damage, it is another to be proactive and
eliminate the threat at the 'intent to act' stage. This is presently
evident with the media recently advising that "There are presently
terrorists among us who pose an immediate threat to the American People".
The threat of danger is still present.