Edmonton Grappling Tourny

Arashi-Do will be hosting the 4th Mind Body Soul this year.

Sat. Feb. 19th
12730 St. Albert Trial


We will be following our format of a NON-STOP grappling tournament so make sure your cardio is good.

There will be Gi and No Gi events.

Information is being put together now. A complete post will be made soon with rules and such.

For those that would like to get an email, please email at:

snipergym@interbuan.com and I'll send the info out to ya.

Happy Holidays... train hard, cause when the holidays are over it's game time.

Mike Yackulic

I'll be there with bells on!


If you compete with bells on you'll recieve a FREE T Shirt.

sounds good to me. another first for BJJ in alberta



sponsorship is still good from bdf...
Just where do we have to wear those bells???

Be Creative.

each competitor gets five bells.

Whoever gets all the bells off their opponent wins...

but you can't make any noise...

you have to be like the Ninja.

Watch Ninja Turtles 2 to prepare

Like the silence of falling snow, so too shall be my mastery of the bells....Merry X-mas to all at Arashi-do

Johnny B.



Hey Mike a few questions,

What do you mean non stop and is this the same for Gi. You don't get a rest between matches??

Hey AJ... the nonstop part means:

Matches are 5 mins.

The break inbetween is 1 min.

If you submit your opponent with 4 mins left, then you get that time AND the 1 min to rest.

If you win on points then you only get 1 min to rest.

No Points for the first 3 mins.

I've used these rules before and they work great, but the thing I really like as a promoter is the tournament is over quickly. No waiting for 30 mins to fight.

Then again your cardio better be in top shape or your going to have problems.

Hope to see ya there.


Dude I'm sorry, I'll put together that tourny footage... it's been a long time since I looked at it but it's around here somewhere.

Email me at snipergym@interbaun.com with your mailing address.

Mike, you got mail.