Edmonton Hotspots?

I'm heading up to Edmonton at the end of this month. Will be there October 28-30.

Any hotspots I should check out? Wanted to see an Oilers game but they are on the road...:(

My wife is staying home, so feel free to list whatever you like...;)

Joe, have fun man. Whyte avenue has lots of cool little shops and restaurants. The bars are way too smokey for my liking though. Check out the Muttart conservatory if you get a chance. They have huge rooms full of plant life from a number of different climates. Desert/Tropical etc.

Good stuff...

Head to the Black Dog Freehouse, it's Edmonton's famous pub. They are a major sponsor for Team Sniper and have several of their fighters working there. John the GM is a cool guy who is a huge MMA fan,he had a whole schwack of fighters back to the pub after the Mind Body and Soul Grappling tourny a few months back. Cool place, mellow, laid back.

ps. there is no smoking in bars any longer in Edmonton



It's John from the Black Dog. I would be happy to show you around here in E-town. At the same time introduce you to our MMA scene up here. Call me @ 903-6919.

I've got your number down my man.

I'm heading up there for a friends, surprise birthday party. Seems he, and another one of my pals have made alot of $$$ over the years. They are flying myself and my other buddy to reunite the 'four horsemen'...lol.

I'm just waiting to see what the plans are, but I will definetly bring up The Black Dog to them...;)

Just in case crazyhook is reading this, I won't be going fishing.

I heard it's really cold already in Edmonton. I'm in 25 degrees right now, Toronto weather.

I was told to bring my winter clothes.

True? Or are my boys being idiots?

Sorry Joe,

High of 10 and low of 0, by the time you get here there will be snow, and around 0 degrees.

Hey Joe,

Hope you find time to drop by the mall to shoot some guns!


Hey Ken,

I'd love to.

You guys are great...so winter clothes it is for my bald head.

Need to go by a beanie...no more Showdown one's lying around...:(


Looks like we're coming down to see you for sure.

John...same thing. E-mail me at joe@showdown.ca.

Like to know if Friday or Saturday is a better night, especially for the birthday boys...:)

"The bars are way too smokey for my liking though."

Smokey? Not much of a problem there, as there is a city-wide ban on smoking in public buildings.

Stop by Calgary, Ferraro!



The one main reason we are being flown to Edmonton is for my buddy's birthday...he lives in Calgary. If we end up heading down to pick him up, rest assurred I will be in contact.

The majority of the weekend will be in Edmonton though. Is it to early to ski/snowboard out there?

I've never been on a snowboard and would love to try it. Skiing...forget it. Nearly busted my face the last time I was on skis.

Joe would prefer upscale espresso bars or kareoke. They must allow wingtips.

Will announce MMA for cocktails...

I already got lectured not to 'overdress'.

Seems Edmonton is 'very casual, laid back' yet smooth and cool.

Looking forward to it.

ya, don't want to be boarding in these conditions Joe.