edmontonions going to shut up

any edmontonions going to shut up and fight and able to take 2 fighters? your gas will be reembersed

are you ever not looking for a hitch to your own fights???

Buy a car you bum. Just kidding, and good luck.

hahahahhah buy a car hahhhaha bum, man its tough being an amature fighter, full time student and having a job and training full time too, sometimes people forget what it takes to get to this point , mike newton? yeah me and victor are going together he justwasnt sure so i wanted back up just incase, and of course im looking. i cant waitto fight in a cage, i hear my guy is tough too and i get to meet my idol couture how sweet is that prettty sweetand this will be my 13th fight hopfully it will egt me bigger fight in the future , hey who is cherrypicker?

I was hoping the Edmontonians would shut up, they never stop talking. Wow! That was unfunny.

Aren't they Edmonites?